Mad Catz Wireless Force FeedBack Racing Wheel Review | TheGamingExperience

TheGamingExperience says: "this wheel blew my mind, stuck it back in and then did it over and over until it was mush"

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kingPoS2413d ago

I feel bad for those who drive right hand side.
No wonder wheels like the G25 & G27 are so wanted.

BuffMordecai2413d ago

This wheel deserve no more than a 2/5. For the same price you can get the offical forza wheel, the Fantec CSR,with 900 degrees rotation, on wheel adjustment setting, quality pedals with a clutch, and full xbox 360/ps3/pc compatibility. Its downright criminal that they are selling this Madcatz plastic junker for $250.

mcz2412d ago

Quote from the article: "Hands down the best racing wheel to date! Get this one now while you can, as you will not be sorry!" I think the writer of this review never heard of the logitech and fanatec wheels !!

TheGamingExperience2411d ago

Actually I have.. and they do not feel as good to me. It is a personal preference after all.