Why Doesn't FIFA Have a Story Mode?


Sports games with stories are a good idea. Yes, there's still disagreement, even within the game development community, about how games tell stories. The discourse around games as a storytelling medium has escalated in recent times and developers continue to debate how they ought to approach, embrace and/or ignore traditional techniques.

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badz1492415d ago

and there's also be a pro mode with some stories on progression. you get sacked if your team doesn't give the results the board wanted. hey pretty much like real life in football IMO!

Nes_Daze2415d ago

I just hope next year they add a league mode to ultimate team. As for the story mode, I also think the career mode is enough.

2pacalypsenow2414d ago

Would be cool if they added like a My player mode that nba 2k12 has you start out In the 16 year leagues and progress

Fifaman2414d ago

hehe cool nick 2pac fan!

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