This Week In Gaming | 3/11 – 3/16

The popular JRPG series finally comes to the US.

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Relientk772414d ago

Tales of Graces f, finally. Its almost here

dragonknight42414d ago

Tales of Graces f! I can hardly contain myself! Oh joy!

SaiyanFury2413d ago

Same here. I've been waiting for a new Tales game for the PS3 for what seems like 5 forevers. Also been waiting for Yakuza: Dead Souls as well seeing as it's one of my favourite series'.

tarbis2413d ago

Tales of Graces F for me.

tiffac0082412d ago

Same here, along with Yakuza Dead Souls for me~

Summons752413d ago

Tales, Silent HIll and Yakuza.....I am already torn at what to play first.

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