A batch of new images from the C&C FPS, Tiberium

German gaming site PC Games is hosting 48 new images of the Command & Conquer FPS, Tiberium. The gallery contains renders, artworks and ingame images.

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ygxbrayzie4039d ago

is it using crysis engine?

LinuxGuru4038d ago

Abso-f*cking-lutely NOT!


I WISH this was using something from Crytek!

I am also hoping and praying that this game won't suck like Renegade did.

*puts hands together and prays very hard because he has respect for C & C franchise and hopes this doesn't ruin it further*

ygxbrayzie4038d ago

Crytek's FPS game engine CryENGINE2 was licenced to EA Los Angeles in February 2007, and it was stated at the time that a new FPS title in the Command & Conquer universe is very likely.[5] This suggest that Tiberium may use this engine, however, it may as well be used with any other game EALA are or are going to produce.


LinuxGuru4038d ago

This game looks like something that came out of my ass a few minutes ago.

I highly doubt this is using anything from Crytek.

If so, everything would look 67934637821 times better than that.

KeiZka4038d ago

The game's a lost cause in my eyes already, since it won't have C&C Mode in multiplayer... that would've rocked more than anything else. Cannot comprehend why they'd leave that one out...

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The story is too old to be commented.