rawDLC: Do we really need a Valve console?

rawDLC: We take a closer look at whether the gaming world really needs a Valve-forged console.

"But a high-end console that competes with the next generation of whatever the big three console developers have to throw at consumers seems dangerous. Even three contenders for the console crown is precarious race that often breaks off into the typical healthy duopoly that keeps the other side honest, on its toes and throwing poorly veiled shots across the bow of their respective nemeses."

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ardivt2412d ago

the question is: does it do any damage to the console market? I don't think so.
more competition makes the consumer win.

Moncole2411d ago

Nope. If you want to play Valve games get a gaming PC.

theeg2410d ago

you do if you dont have a gaming pc and are sick of sub hd and jaggies