Mass Effect 3 Face Import Workaround

Many people have been unable to import their Shepard's face into Mass Effect 3 when carrying over a save that originated with the first game. However, there is a workaround that, with some legwork, will allow to make your Shepard exactly the same.

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2pacalypsenow2413d ago

I just remade my guy looks exactly like my ME1/ME2 Shepard

Laxman2412d ago

And THAT is the way to do it. Shame others couldnt just do the same as you, but instead jumped right online and badmouthed the entire game and developers. And then they wonder why developers sometimes dont seem to care about them...

greatcrusader442413d ago

Problem is that the people having problems are people who imported me1 face and didn't change it in me2, and those characters don't have a character code above their sheps head in the lvl up screen, so they don't have codes to enter in. Hope this is fixed by Tuesday when I recieve my copy gets here, a week late courtesy of wal mart.