Ninja Gaiden 3 Official Xbox Magazine review details

The score and a few other details have been revealed from the Official Xbox Magazine’s review of the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 game, Ninja Gaiden 3.

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gamingdroid2464d ago

Sad to see this master piece IP take so many steps backwards. One weapon, no limb removal, ninpo is a use it or lose it affair and so on.

Even the review contends:

“a noticeable step back due largely to all the gameplay decisions that are taken out of your hands.”

So sad, as this IP was one of my favorites next to Gears of War and Mass Effect. I think I'm going to cancel my pre-order, the more I hear the more I think it is a waste of my money.

Signed, a huge fan!

morganfell2464d ago

I own Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden Black, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus.

As disappointed as I am about some of the changes, I am keeping my pre-order because of the sentence that everyone is ignoring:

"Stacked up against its contemporaries, however, it still stands among the finest fast action experiences on Xbox (Bayonetta excepted). The time spent with Ryu both behind and without his mask is riveting.”

kewlkat0072463d ago

with Morganfell...on this one.

Jamzluminati2464d ago

I am a Ninja Gaiden fan girl and to see this happen to one of my favourite series it kind of saddens me and makes me angry.


dark-hollow2464d ago

Wait wait wait!
Hold on for a second. One weapon only??
You mean there is only your sword?
And its NOT upgradable?????

*cancel my pre-order*

Sorry but since Mr.glasses left team ninja and all I heard is negative reaction from ng3.

Inception2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Yeah, Hayashi already told that NG 3 only have one weapon type in story mode that is a sword / katana. This far i only spoted 2 sword. One in chapter 2 given by Ayane is Jingu-maru (Hayate sword). Second is Blade of Archfiend when Ryu fight that prof X wannabe. Well if you want to include Dragon sword than so far NG 3 had 3 sword.

But look's like i too will skip NG 3. Maybe i will buy it later but when the price is dirt-cheap...

Aaroncls72464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

I can take an even crappier story..

no limb slicing..

implementation of optional QTEs..

no chests or whatever..


That's fucking insane.
One of the best things about NG was the exquisite selection of awesome weapons!

I can understand a few shortcomings, no Itagaki, lower budget, casual players targeted, etc.

But this is a total regresion of the franchise that involves stripping off core elements, completely deleting the fun out of it, and basically telling the long time fans "FU" as the series crashes into an ocean of mainstream shit.

... fuck!

edit: Added a drawing I made for reddit when I saw the first trailer.


WildArmed2463d ago

I think the thing that hurt me the most was the:

"the gameplay in the sequel has been streamlined and simplified due to changes like having only one main non-upgradeable weapon and health regeneration after every battle."

Those are words I didn't want to hear. I play tons of H&S games, and NG was the franchise I'd go to if I wanted to pull my hair out or needed a stern challenge. Health regen is the worst thing, please this isn't COD. This doesn't even make sense.

One weapon? NG was known for it's varied and KICKASS weapons. This makes me sad. I think I'mma go play some NG2 in tribute for this franchise.

I'm running out of good H&S games here.
First DMC reboot
and now, NG streamlined

geddesmond2463d ago

Wait this game only has 1 weapon and its not upgradable. Holy crap that bit of news just turned me off this game. All the weapons and their upgrades is what made this series great.

Also no limb removal, what did the developers do sit down and name the things that made he series great and say lets take them all out

Ricardo863845202463d ago

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Yi-Long2464d ago

... but it mentions alot of negatives, like only 1 main weapon that can't be upgraded, regenerating health after every battle, no limb-removal, poor unmemorable bosses, QTE's (although they can be turned off), and basically simplified and easier gameplay...

In short, every Ninja Gaiden fan's worst nightmare.

NYC_Gamer2464d ago

Ninja Gaiden died soon as Itagaki left Team Ninja.

Yi-Long2464d ago

... even the Sigma ports he wasn't involved with, were worse than the original games, and even the recent Vita NG was screwed up by leaving out the option for original voices and reinistating the censorship in the european release...(!)

The new guy heading Team Ninja and responsible for all this, is CRAP.

gamingdroid2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Agreed, the ports were terrible so as I figured this wasn't going to be much better. Tried to keep an open mind, but the more I hear, the less I like!

I think I'm going to cancel my Collector's Edition....

Megaman_nerd2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Sigma 2 was worse than the original alright (less enemies, no blood) but the first one was a carbon copy of the original game but with much more content, wide-screen and HD support so don't come here with that BS now. Of all the original NG versions Sigma is the best. Period.

gamingdroid2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )


*** the first one was a carbon copy of the original game but with much more content, wide-screen and HD support so don't come here with that BS now. Of all the original NG versions Sigma is the best. Period.***

One of the biggest issue I had with NG Sigma, was in fact the controls. Team Ninja (led by Hayashi) screwed up on the control timings and the game is less responsive. Hayashi did it again on NGS2! >(

NGB also had controller rumble, that provided a feedback that I missed in NGS.

The upgraded graphics and widescreen in Sigma obviously was very nice. The only real additional content was Rachel, but she actually made the game worse! NGB also had exclusive content including the unlockable original Ninja Gaiden Arcade and puzzles.

So I would hardly call NGS the "better" version in my opinion. Of all the versions, I preferred NGB.

Yi-Long2464d ago

... Sigma 1 was censored in Europe, as opposed to Ninja Gaiden Black, which was perfect and uncensored!

Also, the Rachel levels added NOTHING to the game. In fact, they actually brought the quality of the game down cause she was much less fun to play with.

If they were gonna add a new playable character in that game, it should always have been Ayane.

Tito082464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

@ gamingdroid- I'm sorry, but bringing controller response is very inexcusable, it wasn't screwed up at all, stop being an ignorant, because for some reason, I find the controller response rather well in Sigma, maybe you're not used to the PS3 controller since you're more of a Xbox player, & I'm telling you this because I played both versions of NG, it's equally good on both controllers, but I find the PS3 controller more suitable for NG than Xbox, like Xbox controller is more suitable for FPSs, rumble wasn't included because the former PS3 controller didn't have any(why did you think it wasn't called Dualshock 3, just Sixaxis), but can't be crying for rumble like if it's a vibrator!!!

Also, besides Rachel(which wasn't as bad as some people make it seem like), Sigma 1 featured dual swords, healing during battle so there was no need to press start button(before NG2) enemies riding in bikes, the fish men(new enemies at the time), shoot arrows in mid-air, fight in water surfaces, & for the first time, fighting Gamov as a Boss, it was a far better game for me than both NG & NGB!!!!

Megaman_Nerd- Actually, the inclusion of 3 extra characters, online play, an extra weapon made Sigma 2 better than NG2, Sigma 2 wasn't bad at all like some people make it seem like because it was a PS3 release... I'm saying this because I played both versions, NG2 had constants slowdowns & it was thanks to the blood, the number of enemies was primarily in one section of the game(if memory serves me well since I beat it the same week it came out 4 years ago when MGS4 also released), which made it run very bad, like if it was 8 frames per second... If blood was removed it was for the sake of the game's performance, not for the looks, I take performance over looks any day!!!!

ABizzel12464d ago

I'm sad to see so many features dropped from the game. Multiple weapons, upgrading, Ninpo, and tough bosses are all staples in the Ninja Gaiden franchise and should have never been cut.

If the rumors are true then you can only blame Tecmo since they're supposedly cutting budgets on their games.

This seems to have been common practice in Japan with all but the top developers / publishers.

Unfortunately I see Tecmo as one of the first "big" developers / publishers to go bankrupt. If so hopefully Capcom, Namco, Konami, or a Western developer picks them up. There's too much talent and history there to let it go to waste.

gamingdroid2463d ago


**I'm sorry, but bringing controller response is very inexcusable, it wasn't screwed up at all, stop being an ignorant, because for some reason, I find the controller response rather well in Sigma, maybe you're not used to the PS3 controller since you're more of a Xbox player, & I'm telling you this because I played both versions of NG, it's equally good on both controllers,***

So you can NOT tell the difference, and I can, but you think I'm ignorant?

I'm speechless....

There is most definitely a response time issue regardless of you can tell it or not so it sounds like you are being ignorant to it.

***I find the PS3 controller more suitable for NG than Xbox,***

Personal preference is irrelevant.

***rumble wasn't included because the former PS3 controller didn't have any(why did you think it wasn't called Dualshock 3, just Sixaxis), but can't be crying for rumble like if it's a vibrator!!! ***

Irrelevant, it is lacking rumble that provide useful feedback.

Tito082456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

@ Gamerdroid- I said I find the PS3 controller more suitable for this game than the Xbox due to the fact that the DS3 has seen more single player action adventure games like Devil may Cry, Onimusha, God of War & more, which meant that I didn't have a problem playing the NG games at all, & I owned the ones for both Xbox & 360 which great as well(I'm not saying 360 controller is bad for action adventure games), but I just stated that I prefer the DS3 for this type of games while the same can be said for the 360 controller for FPSs so the truth is you're actually a bigger ignorant, you know it, & most people in this site knows it !!!!!

About rumble, seriously this isn't something you actually need, & don't ignore the fact Sony had a dispute with Immersion for the rumble, so Sony was forced to release the console without it, that's why it was called Sixaxis, not dualshock, because it didn't featured rumble, check your false facts partner!!!!!!!!!

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Tito082464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

@ Yi-Long- Mentioning Rachel's levels & play-style to bring down the quality of the first Sigma game is a very poor excuse & ignorant in your part my friend.... She was completely different from Ryu in fighting style, but it was a bonus... Sigma 1 brought the dual-swords & healing during battle more useful so there was no need to press start button to get health, plus some more content, & some enemies riding in bikes, & leaving out the original voices doesn't mean it's a bad game, voices are not part of game-play, then why Zelda SS doesn't have voice-overs & still gets good scores, that's right, only thing I liked about the originals was the ability to unlock the original NES games and the original arcade game in Black, & the fact that NGB wasn't censored in Europe doesn't make it any better!!!!!

StifflerK2463d ago

I disagree.

NG Black is the best as it was pretty much perfect - balance, controls - the lot.

The thing is , NG games are structured, there's a reason why every enemy + every arena is set out as it is.

That purpose is to challenge you, make you think about what you're doing , and to make you use your skills in different ways to overcome these problems.

Which is one of the issues I have with Sigma - instead of keeping some of the more interesting setups, they've been removed or replaced ( like the room of 100 fiends.)

Also , Sigma does have extra content , but it's also MISSING content from the original - ( like a half of the temple level which was replaced with a single room with two armoured knights.)

On top of that the game structure has been messed around with -( note, the difference in the times in which you fight the Lord of Fiends in both games.)

Sigma does have a number of differences to NGB , and they're not all beneficial - which is why some people still prefer NGB.

As for Sigma2 , I actually liked the bonus content a lot. The problem for me was that they screwed up almost everything else.

Infinite ammo, lock on button , no puzzle items at all, dumbed down A.I , fewer enemies + messed up structure and the lack of gore - not just in game - but the cutscenes as well, some of which look laughably bad in Sigma2 (like the first one with the werewolf!)

Also about the slowdown.
In NG2 the game slows down in two places - the stairway before you fight Elzibet , and also one of the corridors on the airship - it's always those two places regardless of difficulty.

In Sigma2, when you play on higher difficulties the game slows down on every single level , despite having fewer enemies, no blood or severed limbs , and no video screens either.

.......No gunship battle, or twin dragons, or deathworm, you only get to fight the water dragon's head from a platform (instead of on/under the water like the original.)...

....They messed up the shop/inventory, no environmental take downs (like with the dive-bombing fiends near the Statue of Liberty), + the way the game stalls for two seconds every time you open a chest with a video tutorial.
I could go on....

No way is Sigma2 better then NG2, no way.

Hayashi clearly has different plans for NG to what Itagaki had.
He wants the game to be more accessible, and to appeal to a wider audience.

Note, I don't think the Sigma games are bad, I just don't think they're as good as the originals.

As for NG3 8/10 is still a decent score, so I'm going to keep my pre-order, for now at least.....
But I'll have to wait for Devil's Third for my hardcore fix.

Tito082456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

True, I acknowledge what you just said, & you're right, NG2 was a better game in a challenging level than Sigma 2, but Sigma 2 offered more out of the 2 due to the fact that it offered 3 extra levels, 3 extra characters & bosses & better graphics, I'm talking feature wise & some other interesting stuff.... While I liked NG2 & beat it, it suffered from technical issues like slow down & drop in frames, & it was more due to the game's gory nature, which was why they toned it down from Sigma 2, while it had a few problems here & there, it pretty much fixed the problems NG2 had, while I still consider NG2 the more challenging of the 2s, which I agree with you, but Sigma 2 wasn't a bad game at all... Some of those people blamed the blood removal as if they're vampires, also Sigma 1 featured survivar mode, which featured the 100 fiends room, but it was sold as DLC, so pretty much Sigma 1 was the same as Black!!!!

As for NG3, an 8 is a fine score, but I know it's being a huge step back from it's predecessors, I don't know what the hell went through Hayashi's mind!!!!!!

cemelc2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Woah no cameo from dead or alive aside from ayane? Fail

Kasumi should be in the game given that at the end of ninja gaiden 2 she made a cameo. What was that for then?

Only 1 main weapon why?...wolverine claws, vigorian flais should be in game.

Megaman_nerd2464d ago

what have they done to you! 0____0

regenerated health, no items, no chests, no upgrades, no other weapon beside the sword... This is an outrage!!!!

NovusTerminus2464d ago

To be quite fair, Ninja Gaiden has not had very good boss fights. Most fun fight I remember is Elizabeth from NG2. Most of the boss fights where boring.

QTE's are a negative for this, but a pro for GoW? Wow. IDC either way.

The one weapon thing... I am not about to defend that, I will miss my claws and scythe.

Yi-Long2464d ago

... were some of the best boss-fights I've ever played. Who can forget both Alma fights?

I loved that many of these fights first seem impossible, and slowly you would learn and get better and beat it.

cemelc2464d ago

Alma was memorable that thing pummel me into the ground so many times, to me she was a final boss fight right in the middle of the game.

Doku was awesome also

Captain Qwark 92464d ago

i flippin hate alma, i wish she was real so i could literally cut her head off.

anyway, its sad to see all these changes, it seems for every step forward they made they took two steps back.

oh well though, ill still pick it up in a couple months. seems like it just pulled a resident evil 5 / mass effect 2 ( still going to be a great game just not as good as the previous games )

Darrius Cole2463d ago

I'm late but I gotta jump and co-sign on the Alma fight, especially the first Alma fight. When you consider the speed, timing and overall skill that it takes to beat he, she is probably most difficult but un-cheap boss in gaming.

PersonaCat2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

QTEs are good for GoW probably because they've been apart of the series since the very beginning. That's just my take on it though.

One weapon in this game? I can't even find logic behind this. I swear, sometimes I feel game designers just want there games to get criticized.

NYC_Gamer2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Ninja Gaiden and GoW aren't the same type of hack and slash titles.

Lord_Sloth2464d ago

I don't believe that was the point he was trying to make.

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