Epic VP: Unreal Engine 4 Demo Makes Samaritan Look Feeble

This year's Samaritan demo, however, was highly optimized and according to Epic's Mark Rein, it could be running on a laptop next year or a smartphone the year after. This is where Rein pointed out that the UE4 demo will make the Samaritan look feeble by comparison and will generally be crap next to what they show off for the next generation engine, saying "Imagine if that were a piece of crap, what would the next thing look like?"

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DeletedAcc2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Holy Crap o.O

Tonester9252411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Isn't this just a video though? The in-game graphics have to look like this. Look at Assassins Creed's trailers. They're all stellar but the in-game graphics aren't even close to that. I'll wait until I see some REAL footage.

Hassassin2411d ago

Thats what so impressive.... Samaritan IS real-time footage

Tonester9252411d ago

Until I see someone with a controller or mouse in their hand PLAYING the game I'll change my mind.

aznrunner18812411d ago

You're confusing pre-rendered footage with real-time footage. Something like the Assassin's Creed trailer is rendered ahead of time. Think a pixar movie. However trailers like Grand Theft Auto 4 or this Samaritan demo, it's essentially an in-game cutscene.

Sony3602410d ago

It's real time buddy. Accept it.

The unreal engine 3 had a real time demo when it was first announced and it was never falsified.

"Bullshots" and other childish drivel don't apply to when new game engines are being demonstrated.

Tonester9252410d ago

Wouldn't it make sense to show what the actual gameplay will look like. Isn't that what matters. I mean.... That's what we are going to notice when we are playing. That's just me I guess. I'd rather see the new engine in action as I would see it if I was playing.

Hassassin2410d ago

Some one else found this videos, they're not mine...
but they show most of the effect that where used in Samaritan and more.
some destruction also:

(there are more videos out there if you search)

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gypsygib2411d ago

This just shows how important optimization is, from 3 580s to one card. Also, the Samaritan demo on smart phones is two years is CRAZY.

DeadlyFire2410d ago

Its not that crazy really. Technology in phones is shifting pretty fast. Will have GPUs within the year on the market that can match/surpass PS3/X360. Its not to far behind.

Optimization will be key in Unreal Engine 4.0 as well as 3.9 either way. Noone wants to play a game on the engine running at 15 fps.

Omega Zues2411d ago

It just goes to show 2 very important things.

Optimization and a good solid graphics card.

I know theres a mountain of people just waiting for the day next-gen to be revealed so they can cry "LULZ DATED GRAPHIX CARDZ" sad but true, however that misses the entire point. Its what the developers can access and how well they can perform on the tools their given.

Right now my computer rig has 2 ATI 5870s and their wickedly powerful. I still remember seeing several tech demos based on these cards and I wouldnt complain one bit to see next gen perform at the same level. Sure, their a few years old with 6000 and 7000 series now out but as consumers have shown, they dont want to spend over $299 - $399 for a new console.

but hey, just my 2 cents.

vortis2411d ago

Well said. I'm gonna give you some bubble lovin'.

I also have a Crossfire setup and to be honest to be in the 5xxx series they run all the latest games great. The only games that run poorly are PC games that suffer from consolitis.

Autodidactdystopia2410d ago

exactly how i feel about my 6970.


DeadlyFire2410d ago

Well its either $3xx-5xx for a new console with a year old graphics card or $3xx-5xx bucks for a bleeding edge graphics card.

Graphics cards can easily last a console cycle on PC games and keep better or same quality graphics. As cards aim for higher resolutions. You don't even need a high end card to run most games at high FPS on the mid-range resolutions.

Honest_gamer2410d ago

my setup has a 2GB 9600GT, no where near the best, however if i ration the graphics setting on games i can get something like hight/ultra texture however that comes with no shaddows as i have to take them of (which is ok as most of the time shadows on this graphics card just dont look right), i can get full model details if i take of reflective water, etc i'm saving up to make my own pc however being a poor studen who has to spend over half my student loan of the train and my girlfriend being pregnant it's a bitch to save up lol

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