Weta's mind-blowing Unreal Engine 4 project is available for download

Epic Games has announced that the Meerkat short film, recently created by Weta Digital that showcases Unreal Engine’s new production-ready Hair and Fur system, is now available as a sample project.

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Einhander197183d ago

That looks incredible, can we expect this quality in games With this upgrade or Unreal 5?

Bobertt83d ago

Depends on the scope of the game, i would think if it is in a game it will be as a cutscene.

Popsicle83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

I want to say no, but if you look at the Unreal 4 tech demos for last gen some of the late gen triple AAA games ended up looking as good and sometimes better. At the time I didn’t believe gen 8 consoles would ever be able to live up to the Unreal 4 tech demos, but in the end they did. It seems unlikely as this demo looks amazing, but if history repeats itself, we are in for a treat.

Zhipp83d ago

It looks amazing. It's nuts to me that real-time photorealistic environments are now possible. The animation work is crazy impressive, too.

VariantAEC83d ago

The rendering was still done offline.
You can see that in their presentation at Unreal Engine on YouTube.