GAME price slashing to expand on Monday?

GAME have been slashing prices all this week, but according to sources within the stricken retail giant, the “actual” sale doesn’t begin until Monday – but confusion continues to reign as to exactly what is happening even amongst the staff.

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Livin_in_a_box2415d ago

It certainly sounds as though it could be true and if it is then I'm there buying everything :p

But as much as I really dislike how much they charge there's something telling me that I don't want GAME/Gamestation to close down and I don't really know why. I just want another GAMEfest this year too!

bozebo2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

They will still be overpriced.

OmegaSaiyanX2415d ago

Just looked at their so-called 'slashed' prices, most of the games are the same price as listed previously as they mark them high then drop them then increase it etc also some games like MW3 Hardended Edition on the 360 which has been sold out for ages got a price drop to something like £23...Funny reducing the price on something thats out of stock whereas the MW3 standard version that is in stock is around £38...*rolls eyes*

GAME has only taken off a couple of pounds here and there, and are still cheaper.

r1sh122415d ago

yea, They are reducing the prices of things that have limited or no stock.
Its a loss leader scam where they just get people to come in, buy something they really dont want and hope the customers buy a few additional games/ hardware to help profits.

I did read somewhere else that game might be going into administration, is cheaper but they got hacked and peoples debit/ credit cards all got charged and person details got stolen. Shopto did nothing at all.

ipe2415d ago

maybe in store, checked online, EVERYTHING is out of stock, and what ey have in stock is garbage.

still i dont want them closed, people ll lose jobs.

shaun mcwayne2415d ago

at the moment its all the pre owned stock that is being sold off cheap. i picked up gow3 for 7 quid brink and lost planet 2 for 3 quid each ressistance 1 for 98p and king of fighters deluxe edition for 4 quid. its a good time to stock up on games you missed. i tried to find games with no online codes, but ill pop back in when the rest of the stock drops, one staff member said their was loads more stock to come out when i asked him for everybodys golf, i couldnt find it in amy of the stores.

FlashXIII2415d ago

Gow3 7 quid? Wait what? It's £13 in the store by me :(