Dark Souls Series 'Not Over Yet'

From Software head of R&D Masanori Takeuchi and executive producer Eiichi Nakajima have spoken out about the future of the franchise. Speaking to GameTrailers during this week's Game Developers Conference, Takeuchi confirmed that he'd like to see the series continue.

Ashunderfire864456d ago

This is great news for fans like me hell yeah!!!! And they are not going to dumb down the sequels. This is a true game company that know its fans. I have not forgotten about Dark souls, and have yet to beat it lol, but at least I beaten Demon souls like 2 times. Dark Souls was my favorite game for 2011.

CarlitoBrigante4456d ago

I prefer Demon's Souls to Dark Souls, I'd rather see Sony making Demon's Souls 2 since they own the IP

Hellsvacancy4456d ago (Edited 4456d ago )

Im divided, i felt Demons Souls was harder, but Dark Souls was longer, i want there next game to be bigger (and maybe better voice actin)

There my best played games of this gen

camel_toad4456d ago

The big reason I liked Dark Souls better was that it had one giant totally load-free (unless u died) world. It just made everything feel so connected and didnt have the (im playing a video game) loading.

CarlitoBrigante4456d ago

@camel toad: what you just said I cannot comprehend. One of the main pointss of Dark Souls is to die, so be prepared to lots of loading.

Second, I liked the Nexus system of Demon's Souls, eventough it didnot have a map I always knew where I was going while sometimes I was stuck in Dark Souls.

Not to mention the broken PvP in Dark Souls...

Philoctetes4456d ago

Great series. My only complaint is that I wish they would cut down a little on the grinding (pure bladestone, channeler's trident). Otherwise, don't change a thing.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4456d ago

Grinding is a pretty integral part to an rpg. I say keep it the same amount, it was a pain to get some things but it was still manageable without frustration.

flyingmunky4456d ago

The two examples you gave are items that are not essential to completing the game. If you really want the platinum trophy shouldn't you have to spend a vast amount of time earning it?

dinkeldinkse4456d ago (Edited 4456d ago )

Unless the items or weapons you have to grind for are much more useful than in Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. I don't expect some ridiculous sword that one or two hits kills all enemies, but something that is much better than a Channeler's Trident or whatever crappy weapon that is upgraded with a Pure Bladestone.

christheredhead4456d ago

Yes! I really hope this series continues onward. Demons Souls and Dark Souls are my favorite games to come out this generation.

Spenok4456d ago

Agreed. This is awesome news. Keep them comming!

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