Phantasy Star Online 2 Set for PlayStation Vita

Phantasy Star Online 2 is no longer just a PC game. Sega announced today that the game will also be coming to PlayStation Vita.

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cmpunk534104d ago

That's good news, hopefully it will get a NA release.

SynGamer4101d ago

Indeed, and hopefully they announce pricing soon. Considering the experience is going to be on a much smaller screen, I don't think they can get away with charging the same sub. fee for the PS Vita version as they would with the PC version. And I can already imagine the PC sub. fee is going to be $9.99-$14.99.

If SEGA is spending the money to make the Vita version, they are going to want to get it into gamers' hands. A $10 monthly fee for a Vita game isn't going to fly on a mass scale. Maybe $4.99 a month, but what would likely be the best business model would be to offer the Vita version for $39.99 or $49.99, but no monthly sub. fee.

I would imagine gamers who are interested in the game and have a Vita are going to be more inclined to pick up both versions. If that's true, SEGA is going to see $50 for the PC and lets say at least $40 for the Vita. That's $90 for the same game, plus the monthly sub. fee for the PC version. I think SEGA can afford to allow the Vita version for free online. And heck, there's likely to be an online store/shop for items, storage, etc. Offering the Vita version with no monthly sub. fee would definitely entice myself and others I'm sure to buy items...

Aggesan4104d ago

I want this so bad! NA and EU release, pleeeaasse Sega!

MasterCornholio4104d ago

Never played the games but i hav heard good things about them.


kerrak4104d ago

I think you can pickup phantasy star portable 2 [psp] on the store.

maverick404104d ago

It looks great! can't wait.

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