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If you can look past several pardonable quibbles, Unit 13 is a remarkable enjoyable and unexpectedly robust title built to placate shooter enthusiasts.

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mediastudies2417d ago

I hear its good except for the AI which is all over the place.

badz1492417d ago

haven't play this either but will definitely getting it. but in terms of AI, those in Uncharted GA are also pretty stupid! I stealth killed 1 of the guy and then went back to my cover and the next AI just walk by his dead compatriot like nothing happen! kinda lame if you ask me. I am expecting the same thing with AI in Unit 13.

AI in Uncharted 3 and SOCOM 4 are pretty smart. why can't they be as smart on Vita?

TooTall192417d ago

I think the A.I. is decent most of the time. They definitely can pose a challenge in large numbers.

RaptorMan2417d ago

The demo was pretty good. I had a feeling it would get B/8's.

AngelFuria2417d ago

I might still give it a try.

madmad2417d ago

I'm hoping they patch the AI. Zipper's always had wonky enemies.

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