Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski Says New Devs Should Make For PC

Epic’s Cliffy “Cliffy B” Bleszinski B just told a huge crowd of developers at 2012′s GDC that when starting up a developer, forget Xbox Live, PSN, iOS, Android and Windows phones, and instead make games for PC. Condemning the way Microsoft and Sony treat indies, and dismissing mobile gaming, the Unreal developer said that the PC was the only place to start.

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fluffydelusions2418d ago

Problem with psn/xbl for indies is the price to publish. PC/Android/ios is dirt cheap to get your game out there.

FrankDrebin2418d ago

I agree with Cliff on this one. 100%

ATi_Elite2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

PC is OPEN SOURCE and INDIE DEV friendly!

Put your game on STEAM and you will GET PAID!

Just Do it!

LackTrue4K2418d ago

that reminds me, i just got bulletstorm for 15 bucks at target. "i regredit, im going to give it as a gift to a friend cuz gamestop will give me like 3 bucks for it.

GoldenGamer2418d ago

I got mine for £3 from Gamestation UK ahaha

jalen2472417d ago

Bulletstorm is not that bad

eindeadmiles2418d ago

100% agree
Much easier too

Skate-AK2418d ago

I also agree even being a console only player. Rather they release a game with a couple problems and be able to patch it all up. Instead of releasing a game with problems that never get patched cause they can't afford the $40,000 or however much it was.

2418d ago
drexl2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Sure cliffy, and after you've milked all the PC gamers for all their worth, turn your backs on those who made you who you are today by badmouthing the PC platform saying that we're all pirates, and then sell-out to the console mouthbreathers.

Thanks cliffy.

thebudgetgamer2418d ago

Awww, no need to be mean it's only video games.

DeadlyFire2418d ago

Now he is coming back saying were coming back to PC. Likely means Epic is done with exclusive games. At least that is my theory.

Its a PR game for the company. Epic had a long running Gears trilogy exclusive to Xbox 360. Now that is over or at least the trilogy part. Its possible another game might be made without that infringement.

kevnb2418d ago

everyone who was making exclusive games for the 360 or had some sort of exclusive deals with microsoft (dlc counts), were dissing pc...

humbleopinion2417d ago

Epic just announced an exclusive Ipad game, so your theory fails right there.
Epic's main business is the unreal engine. They want as many PC indie devs on it as possible

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The story is too old to be commented.