PSMania Journey review

The pioneers that brought you the award-winning PlayStation Network titles flOw & Flower are back with another title that challenges traditional gaming conventions.

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baj2415d ago

Just finished another playthrough when I received a msg on psn. Subject: "Our beautiful trip", Message: "You're my best friend." from a person that followed me through the whole journey.

Which in some strange way sums up how good this game is.

SCARE-KRO2415d ago

How did they know who you where?

baj2415d ago

You get a list of who you've met during your playthrough, after you're done

SCARE-KRO2414d ago


Thanks I didn' know that. I have replayed the first few parts of the game... I really dont want to finish it.

grailly2414d ago

awww I'm so jealous. On my first play through none of the players wanted to walk with me. Then at last in the last third of the game I started walking with someone, and it was awesome! When on the last straight line we had to walk, my brother rebooted our router, so I had to finish my journey alone...

still one of my favorite games, just disappointing I didn't get an optimal experience the first time round.

for anyone who hasn't played it yet, I recommend playing it in one sitting.

SCARE-KRO2414d ago

I played through the first few levels with one player - who followed my every move. Eventually I tried to run away from this guy following me. We were on top of a big sand dune and I pretended to go down but jumped back up. He slid right down the sand dune and then I ran in the other direction.

I hid behind another dune - but could watch the other player who was desperately searching for me - calling out for me. Eventually he disappered into the distance, and I suddenly felt sad. I ran after them - but never found them again. I wish I never did that and I don't know why I did.

Everytime I see another player I hope (and pretend) that it was the first player I met. But I know that I will never find them again...

rob60212415d ago

This game is incredible.

n4gisatroll2415d ago

I'm spending my last bit of wallet on this game. Gonna pre-order tonight or tomorrow when I re-up my psn wallet.

Hicken2415d ago

This game honestly deserves no less than a 10. I can't say that about any other game I've ever played, even the ones I've personally given a 10 to.

grailly2414d ago

so true, the only games I would consider giving a 10 to, are concise games like journey, with no extra fat, the game concept in it's purest form. So just journey and portal I guess lol