GDinews - EA support isn't so supportive

We've seen things like these in the past. I'm really not surprised that something like this happened, it seems to me like you either get something for free from them or get nothing you deserve to get from them. Really, it's a shame.



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TheGameFoxJTV2946d ago

It's typical EA stuff. What's new?

FrankDrebin2946d ago

I'm not going to even read this due to the lame web

What does that stand for?

God Dam# Idiot News?
Good Douche Internal News?
Great Date International News?

Anyways, as for EA, I've only had to call them once and they helped me solve my issue. No problem at all. It was back witha pre-load from Amazon.

TheGameFoxJTV2946d ago

You made so much sense. /s

FrankDrebin2946d ago

Ok Ok, I went off on the stupid web site.
Seriously though, don't you all get tired of seeing crappy stories wasting space on here from really poorly done, poorly written web sites like this? I do.

TheGameFoxJTV2946d ago

Yea, because this site would be SO great with only IGN, and other big site articles. How dare someone actually make a site that isn't IGN.

FrankDrebin2946d ago

Hmmm, interesting. You clearly don't like IGN. I get it. I don't either.
Still has nothing to do with this site sucking!

Is it your site or something?

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guitarded772946d ago

I'm not even reading the article, I already know EA support is retarded, just as Nintendo support is rude, Microsoft support is pushy and Sony support is slow. The only good customer support I've had is from Konami and From Software. Anyway, that's my experience.

MPR112946d ago

I find this is one of those instances where EA just fucked up and got some bad press, but it seems like those instances are happening more often. EA needs some good PR to make up for their Customer Service mishaps or just fix the mishaps all together.

Tonester9252946d ago

I tried to ask them about a re-creation of a game and they told me that don't take any advice from people that's not in the industry. Unless I have a tech demo, my idea will not be heard. I thought that GAMERS, the reason they have a job, should be heard.

My Idea: A new Def Jam fighting title like Def Jam Fight For New York

Well, you win some you lose some. Thanks EA for the response