Peter Molyneux hypes up Fable: The Journey (audio)

You can now listen to Peter Molyneux talking about his forthcoming game with journalists at the Microsoft Spring Showcase event held recently.

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StrongMan3282d ago

Don't think anyone will fall for it anymore.

Noticeably_FAT3282d ago

There is nothing to fall for, millions of people like the Fable games for what they are. Fable has a rich and interesting world and Peter did a great job with those games.

Idiots try to blast the guy for having some big dreams and not always delivering, but he still tried.

Promising big things and failing to deliver all of them should be right at home here at N4G, most people here are PS3 fans, which wrote the book on promises that failed to deliver.

NYC_Gamer3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

The dude makes himself look stupid.first he hypes up the games then come back months later crying about how bad they were.