The Club - Time Attack and Target Score Demo Videos

GameTrailers has two gameplay videos of The Club.

Time Attack: "Fight your way to the end of the level before the timer expires or be prepared to face the deadly consequences."

Target Score: "Kill quickly and efficiently to achieve maximum score!"

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rofldings4575d ago

Looks cool, I'd buy it if it was a PSN title, not for $60 though

wangdiddy824575d ago

that looked pretty boring.. And he sure can take a lot of hits without dying.. Ill have to pass on this game.. Looks like another kane and lynch..

Baba19064575d ago

the previews and videos of this game make me wanna kill myself...... sorry maybe its more fun than it looks, but this is a "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh throw the console at the wall" kind of game. i really get aggressive when i see it i dont really know why.

i ll have to test a demo or something.

wangdiddy824574d ago

lol, its like road rage and you my friend are one dangerous gamer.

Madden is the most gamer rage game around.. Makes you want to fight people.. lol