The Club retrospective

EuroGamer - Most modern shooters go out of their way to provide a narrative justification for their eight hours of explosions and headshots. In 2008, Bizarre Creation's The Club barely even bothered.

An opening cinematic took less than two minutes to introduce you to a cast of eight playable characters and The Club itself, with little time left over to establish your motivation. So instead of narrative, it was the game's mechanics that compelled you kill. And rather than repelling invaders, overthrowing a tyrant, or restoring the honour of your clan, The Club had you killing for points.

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ab5olut10n2987d ago

I remember renting this. Pretty meh all around.

LackTrue4K2987d ago

this game COULD of been much better, with very little effort. :/

Mutant-Spud2987d ago

The controls were too clunky and the viewpoint too close,it was a good idea, I actually liked it enough to play through twice but yeah, most of it was meh, especially the multiplayer, why no ghost runs or co-op instead of a lame TDM mode?