MyGEN's Game of the Year 2007 Awards

MyGEN take a look back at the year that was and weigh up what they think are the years best games.

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Shankle5052d ago

Really the PS3's best game was Call of Duty 4. Uncharted is stunning and plays so beautifully but Call of Duty 4 is close to perfection. I guess they gave it Uncharted for variety. Probably the same with the PC getting the orange box.

AceLuby5052d ago

COD4 was great, SP was short, but it made up for it w/ a killer muliplayer that plays more like an RPG than a FPS. Uncharted is no doubt awesome, but COD4 was more of a total package game. TBH I think it was the best game to come out on both systems last year.

Shankle5052d ago

The singleplayer was quite short, but it was also perfectly formed ;) with some of the best moments I've ever seen in a game. The set pieces are so good that you can't finish that game without wanting to play through some of them at least once more. Remember the sniping mission? :)

wiizy5051d ago

mario galaxy is game of the decade and more