Peter Molyneux Is Leaving Lionhead Studios and Microsoft, Will Finish Kinect Fable

Kotaku writes: "Peter Molyneux, one of the most respected video game developers in the world and one of the top creative minds on the Xbox team, is leaving Microsoft and Lionhead Studios, Kotaku has learned."

Surfaced4104d ago

"Just a matter of time, I suppose."

EVILDEAD3604104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

Peter bash him but I've always been a fan of his energy and frankness

Good or bad Peter was never scared to speak his mind.

It's a shame that the GDC interviews will be the last time we see him.

IMO he was easily one of the most entertaining figures in gaming. Hope this doesnt effect Fable down the line in a negative way. But at age 52 I can see anyone wanting to pursue other things.


Abash4103d ago

Hopefully now Lionhead can do something other than Fable now

JoySticksFTW4103d ago

Peter's "frankness"?

Now I'm not a PM hater, but that dude lies his arse off

gypsygib4104d ago

It's sad, MS turned him from a quality developer into more of a Kinect PR man.

SilentNegotiator4103d ago

He made a good symbol of Kinect, really; Decent results, but not any where near the herculean promises and hype created by faked presentations* and (literal) circus acts at E3. His overpromises were very representative of the sort of things we were shown at E3 2009 and 2010.


Whatever the reason, he didn't meet his promises or end up with the same quality as a lot of his earlier titles.

I wish him the best with his career change, even if I only have little confidence.

Gildarts4104d ago

I think it will effect fable in a good way, I think he's largely responsible for the way fable is going and now he's jumping ship.

I hope fable will get back to the way it like fable 1.
Maybe that's the plot of fable: the journey. Theresa gets back the spire makes a wish and destroys the whole kingdom sending them back(not as in back in time but as in having to start al over again) to the age of heroes.

No pistols or rifles, no magic gloves.

And fable 4 could be the story of the Court returning to Albion and The Hero and Scythe have to find a way to destroy them, starting an adventure outside of Albion thus allowing exploration across their still Unnamed and unknown to us World(Their Earth)

trikster404104d ago

I really like Molyneux. He's done some amazing games. My only issue I ever really had with him is that he always made BIG promises with hig games and usually underdelivered. They were still great games, just missing a lot of features he wanted. He always had some great ideas though. Maybe some day he can finally fit them all in.

OmegaSlayer4104d ago

Yeah, if I think of an unconclusive men in the biz, I think of Molyneux.

Maybe he worked with the wrong people...who knows...whatever

Best of luck to the guy!

Baka-akaB4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

I just think like a kotaku poster said , in the end , his ideas are bigger than what he delivers.

I like the guy , but i can't say sadly that i've enjoyed anything he released after Dungeon Keeper , except maybe Black and White with strongly mixed feelings .

I do wish however that other folks i do find more talented , had and used his wild ideas better .

Wich kinda proves even to me , how extraordinary he still truly is .

MWH4104d ago

well said, can't agree more.

Genghis4104d ago

i didnt realize he did dungeon keeper. props to him for that!

GroundsKeeperJimbo4103d ago

Thanks for reminding me of Black & White, may have to go dig that up. :]

Cocozero4104d ago

Will be interesting who takes the lead next, hopefully they will be willing to bring back Black and White

EffectO4104d ago

Oh no,what will happen to Fable 4 buttonless combat now?

360GamerFG4104d ago

Thank you for Fable 1 and 2 and for Black & White too. I hope he's leaving because of the nonsensical way that Microsoft is treating Fable, but knowing Peter, he was probably the one that started that abomination that is Fable The Journey

Gildarts4103d ago

Lol Microsoft had nothing to do with the downfall of fable it was all Peter's idea.

He somehow persuaded them to release crappy fable 3.

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