The Top 15 PC Games of All Time

Thanks for voting in our search for the greatest PC game of all time! But heads up, we only included the highest voted game from each series. No one wants to read about the same game three times. We’d have to copy/paste the previous entry and add “but with better graphics!” to the bottom. And that would be dumb. So sorry, Starcraft II, but Starcraft beat you handily. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Not as powerful as a Battlecruiser, but still.

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Relientk772475d ago

Glad to see Diablo 2, and Warcraft 3 on the list. Fantastic games

ATi_Elite2475d ago

I stopped reading as soon as I saw Mass Effect 2!

the Mass Effect series on the PC is nothing compared to the long list of great PC exclusives!

Moncole2474d ago

This list was made by votes.

Raf1k12474d ago

I know Mass Effect has left a bad taste is many peoples mouths for becoming less and less of an RPG but I have to admit I really enjoyed ME2 and can see why many would vote for it.

Picnic2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

What a relatively tedious list of games. Quake 2 or 3 weren't even mentioned. Do PC gamers generally have anything approaching a magical imagination? Think of all the great games that there have been on consoles by comparison. You could make a top 10 for just 1 console that was better than the PC's 'of all time'.

Farsendor12474d ago

strongly disagree and here is why

no particular order

world of warcraft
Warhammer 40k
deus ex
warcraft 3
Heroes of Might and Magic 3
star wars empire at war
unreal 2004
gothic 3

solar2474d ago

Be gone with you. Its a pc thread about pc games. We arent here to read your blabbering about console games.

Picnic2474d ago

PC gamers are generally just obsessed with sci-fi and RPG oriented games. They are bloody bores.

Ness6192474d ago

Ugh SWTOR comes no where close on any top list for great PC games. Cash cows are not great games...they're cash cows. Several other great MMO's should've made this list