Panasonic whittles thinnest Blu-ray drive for laptops down to 9.5mm

While certain notable holdouts have yet to even announce HD disc-based products, it looks like the rest of modern civilization is getting ready to move the discs to an even slimmer set of laptops. Panasonic's latest burner for laptops is down to a mere 9.5mm thick, easily besting the company's previous 12.7mm Blu-ray drives. The drive can read and write Blu-ray discs at 2x, and supports DVD and CD read / write functions aplenty. Toshiba is on record claiming that HD DVD burners can be slimmed down to 7mm and will eventually be besting Blu-ray in this category, but so far only DVD has gone that slim. Panasonic will debut the new drive next month at CES.

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Maddens Raiders4039d ago

in the "1st's" department, making blu-ray adoption even more attractive and pratical in the process. Guess there's a good reason why they're the world's Number 1.

TANOD4039d ago

format war will be finished in JAN

CONSOLE WAR finishes with FF13 and MGS4

Splitz4039d ago

Created story of Panasonic but it messed it up and linked to Streetfighter IV.

Laexerias4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )



I am holding out on buying a new DELL laptop . waiting for them to install blu ray in it .....