Devil May Cry on PS3 to feature exclusive content?

In this month's issue of Famitsu, a popular Japanese magazine, they reveal that Capcom will be including exclusive features in the PS3 version of Devil May Cry 4. Some of these new features include; 5.1 LPCM audio, PSN support, and the option to install data to the hard drive. Apparently though, game data takes up 5GB of storage, but on the bright side of things, it removes all load times in the game.

lynx1halo5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

thats all right with me .....


True ..True......that is the only thing about the PS3 i could do without is the download times.......I mean is it really necessary to download a demo and then download it again to your PS3??(Hardware wise I know it is but still)

KidMakeshift5908d ago

Yeah, but think about how long that install is going to take. Why are PS3 installs so slow?

Gamersyde has some new videos of DMC4

Azures5908d ago

It won't take that long. Ninja Gaiden did something similar.

Kleptic5908d ago

well if it makes as big of a difference after the install as it did for UT3...I am all for it...UT3 is officially the only console UE3 based game that no longer has "real time texture loading", as long as you use the install game utility (it has just as much texture pop in as any other UE3 game if you don't)...I absolutely despised that ugly crap in Vegas and Gears...and apparently ME has it worse than most UE3 games, although I haven't noticed it nearly as much as I did with the Gears cutscenes...

oh well though...still not too interested in this game...GoW 3 has my interest as far as action games go...and 360 owners shouldn't care either, NG 2 will stomp this junker without a sweat...

KidMakeshift5908d ago

Yeah, UT3 for PS3 has been playing perfectly for me.

I don't get the user mod importing. It sound's complicated

marinelife95908d ago

Uncharted spoiled me with getting to play through an entire game without a single load time. All games from here on out should be that way no exceptions.

Hopefully GTAIV won't have load times.

Lifendz5908d ago

think about how long that install time is? Are you serious? Okay, here's what you do to resolve that, my little fanboy. I get the game, pop it in, install, and then...watch TV :O! Or maybe....go outside! Or perhaps use the bathroom. Whatever I decide to do I can find something to do while the game installs. And then, once the install is done, I get to play a seamless DMC which is something you xbots can't do because of no standard hard drive. lol@you

KidMakeshift5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

Uh, it's not like we're mindless drones blankly staring at our tv in anticipation of the install completion screen. I was simply stating that the PS3 takes a ridiculous time to install. It is a "game" console after all, right? The last thing a person wants to do when they get a new game is waiting a half hour for it to install or receive a patch. Sony needs to find a way to zip install components faster.

So Lifendz, why don't you go eat a d*ck and come back when you actually have something to say

Texas GMR5908d ago

Cool. That's why MS should have put a hard drive into every 360.

TheXgamerLive5908d ago

Who cares about that, it's no problem on the faster 360.

This isn't really a big think at all to me. I just hope the game is good but the more I see of it the less I think of it.

spec_ops_comm5907d ago (Edited 5907d ago )


Sure, you wouldn't care about a 10 second load time once, but what happens if it occurs before every cutscene, level change, boss battle, etc..???

I have never met a gamer before who didn't care about load times. Next to poor gameplay itself, load times are one of the biggest gaming pet peeves of all time.

TheXgamerLive5907d ago

I mean as long as there not as bad as the ones in the Harry Potter games, now those suck.

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Rikitatsu5908d ago

PSN Support ? Does that means DMC4 won't Support XBL ?

Anyway No Load times is great !!!

toughNAME5908d ago

every 360 game supports LIVE

TANOD5908d ago

Many ps3 games have 0 load times ---that includes UNCHRATED too ---THE BEST LOOKING GAME OF ALL TIME (till date)

Kleptic5908d ago

yeah 360 games have to support live in some ways as part of a licensing agreement...

that doesn't mean it will have online play or anything...just that achievements and stuff have to be loaded into XBL as far as I know...

the article is sort of misleading...does this mean the PSN will support additional DLC or something?...and XBL won't?...thats hardly exclusive content if it just means it load rewards into Home or whatever...it has to support achievements in order to be on the 360...so whatever...the HDD thing is cool though...suprising though that they don't incorporate that option on the 360 also...if the 360 owner has an HDD, then install...if you were are one of the chumps that uses those overpriced memory packs...get a new hobby...

KrazyKoala5908d ago

CRYSIS is the best looking game. Uncharted looks great but don't forget PC games pwn everything else graphically.

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Blademask5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

It will be interesting to see of the PS3 version REALLY has the option to utilize the HDD. Unreal already has this option. There are still loading times though, so not sure what the point of that was.

I think this one is still a rumor, unless anyone has scanned famitsu? I think this is the same RUMOR from the NEOGAF forums... PSU is the same people that said GT5 had damage.

Take this one very lightly.

unlimited5908d ago

Most of all PS3 games already taking advantage of the hard drive so why wouldn't this game would be any different.

Kleptic5908d ago

the HDD install option on UT3 makes map loading marginally faster overall...but more importantly, for me at least, almost completely cures the texture loading problems that every console UE3 game has had so far (PCs didn't have it obviously, because of the HDD...this is the first PS3 UE3 based game to take advantage of it...Vegas didn't...and "popped" just as bad as Gears)...

jackdoe5908d ago

Not a rumor. 1up got a near final build that allowed for installation. No load times after installation.

ravinash5908d ago

So if you don't want to sit and wait for it to install then you can jump right in.
otherwise, a little wait will reward you with seamless playing.

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Spike475908d ago

it's gonna happen. Capcom already apologized to ps3 fans for not supporting them that much so exclusive content on ps3 is definetly possible.

Still, this game is'nt my cup of tea, I'm gonna buy HAZE instead.

eagle215908d ago

PS3 has best version with no load times. GTAIV PS3 has this too right? I think so.

actas1235908d ago

Man, I hope GTA IV won't have some size issues and long load times because its been developed for the 360 as well.. What the hick man, they should not have made GTA multi, xbox limitations (limited DVD size, no hard drive, slow... ) make games look bad and kill the potential in em.