PlayStation Tips #3 - Remote Play/PS Store download head start

Let's say it's a Thursday, the PLAYSTATION Store was just updated, and you can't wait to get your hands on a new PS3 demo. The only problem is you're not home. With the PS3/PSP Remote Play feature, you can get a jump start to your download from the road.

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unrealgamer584038d ago

yeah i love the idea but i never used it before

DJ4038d ago

About the try out the PS1 game functionality. Hopefully, someday we'll be allowed to watch disc-based movies through remote play as well.

MaximusPrime4037d ago

good that you provided photo evidence to shut the "disagree-ers" up.

Some time ago i fooled people thinking that i have GT mobile on PSP. But in fact i was streaming the replays from PS3 HDD. lol.

moujahed4038d ago

Including what was mentioned, you can play your ps1, (not sure about Ps2 yet ), and some PS3 games... in the future alot of PS3 games will support this...

Can you imagine playing GTA4, then having to travel somewhere and dont wanna lug that Big Sexy Machine. So you can continue playing beyond on your PSP... eat sh!t Nintendo!

JIN KAZAMA4038d ago

I cant get my remote play to work when I am away from home. I can get it to work when I am at home, and use my own network, but when I am outside, and get on anoter wi-fi spot, It just doesnt work, keep giving me connection error. nybody hae any idea on how I can get it to work???

Torch4038d ago

You likely haven't set up your router to allow the port that the PS3 uses for network communication, to access/be accessed externally or via the internet (otherwise called Port Forwarding).

Therefore, you'll need to locally go into your router settings (often by typing the ip address or into a web browser...depends on your router), and allow the following port through:

#9293 (TCP, by the way).

Hope this helps.

(And Happy Holidays!)

JIN KAZAMA4037d ago

Thanks for that info. I'll see if I can fix the port forwarding setting. I had a netgear router and i could get to the port forwarding easily, but I just got a new router, a belkin, I'll fiddle around with that and see if i can fix it. Thanks once again, and Happy Holidays....oh and I already know you have been, but I'll say it regardless........


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