G4TV: Mass Effect 3 Review

Adam Sessler writes:

"From the very beginning Mass Effect 3 exudes a sense of things coming to an end. The strange beauty of the Reapers, towering godly metal cephalopods descending calmly on an earth hapless to defend itself, is conveyed with a quiet certitude and minimal histrionics. It is the end of the world, and for those who have invested the 150-plus hours into this fabulous game series, the end of existence in this fascinating and thoughtful piece of creativity. Mass Effect 3 rounds out its epic space opera with innumerous moments of restrained maturity, bringing about a conclusion that satisfies better than anything, not just in games, but in any pop medium."

Major_Nailson4524d ago

Great Review. The score is obviously too high. (I've already beat Mass Effect 3)

The game is good, but lacks RPG elements....

It's safe to say that ME3 is the worst of its series. The lack of choice, romance options, and ending sequences will easily disappoint most Mass Effect fans.


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anast141d ago

He was one of my least favorite characters. I wish they would have done the Proths different.


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334d ago

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