GameTrailers: Mass Effect 3 Review

Does Shepard's massive-scale battle for Human survival provide a fitting conclusion to this interactive space opera? Find out in the GameTrailers Review of Mass Effect 3!

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LX-General-Kaos4512d ago (Edited 4512d ago )

This is the highest score I have seen from this site in a very long time. Does anyone remember the last 9.7? Im walking into this expecting a supreme victory with this purchase.

Rated E For Everyone

LX-General-Kaos4512d ago

ok nevermind it was changed to a 9.5. Still a great score in the end.

Nozzle4512d ago (Edited 4512d ago )

Yeah the last highest score was a while ago

Don't give them out that easily now though

49erguy4512d ago (Edited 4512d ago )

Did he just spoil the ending a little? Why would he say that!?

ArchangelMike4512d ago

This is precisely why I boycott any and all Reviews , until I've had a chance to play the game. Gametrailers are notorious for spoilers in their reviews.


Mass Effect 3's Ending for Javik Misses the Forest for the Trees

Based on one narratively fitting ending in Mass Effect 3, Prothean squadmate Javik is highly unlikely to return in the next Mass Effect game.

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anast130d ago

He was one of my least favorite characters. I wish they would have done the Proths different.


The Best Video Games That Feature Canada

This Canada Day, explore our homeland with the best video games that have adapted or reimagined the Great White North in digital form.

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322d ago

Mass Effect 3 remade and remastered in gigantic mod for Bioware’s RPG

Mass Effect 3 is remade, rebuilt, and remastered thanks to a huge Mass Effect mod which changes almost everything in the Bioware RPG, as we await Mass Effect 4

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