Binary Domain -The Blast review

Luckily, Binary Domain unquestionably works when taken strictly as a shooter. Binary Domain uses some pretty cool effects and animations that allow your robot attackers to be dismantled in pile of scraps — and it’s incredibly rewarding. There are several times throughout the game where you’re going to be facing down with a literal ton of pissed off robots, and standing among their sparking debris feels remarkably cool. In general, the combat in Binary Domain feels fun, frantic and fast paced. This isn’t one of the AAA shooters we’ve been waiting for — but the gameplay makes it feel like it should have been.

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PS3Freak3427d ago

This game looks good. I will buy it once the price is >$30.

PS3Freak3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )


yes. I was thinking about it in the opposite way. As if less is more(more savings)