Techtree's Best PS3 Games of 2007

Navneet Prakash writes, "PlayStation 3 (PS3) is the undisputed bad boy of the console generation -- the hefty price tag, the frame-rate issues with some games, and above all, the availability of much cheaper options in the market. But hate or flame it, you just can't ignore it. I'm sure many wished for the PS3 from Santa this year as well (I know I did!), but Christmas is over and still no PS3 for most of us. Well, the least I can do is list some of the best games on the PS3 for 2007. The list does not include COD 4, Assassins Creed, Orange Box, because I've mentioned those games in the previous lists under games for PC and Xbox 360. Nevertheless, these have been great on the Sony console."

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nix4045d ago

in US it's 16,000 (indian currency) for 40 GB PS3.
in India, it's 24,900 (indian currency) for 40 GB. and that too without any bundle!

it shucks!