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realiks3922d ago

Awesome. Looked like Red Dead Redemption (although 150 years earlier).

This is the change that AC needed (or so it looked on this trailer).

Mykky3922d ago

I hope this is about how the graphics will look like when playing the game. I really want to be in a giant battle to and not just something that happens in the background.
I hope a gameplay video is not far away.

brodychet3922d ago

This really looks like it'll feel like a nice leap forward in terms of play, versus brotherhood and revelations.

Couldn't be more excited.

lociefer3922d ago

i know this may sound stupid, but where the heck is the hidden blade :S :S :S :S, cant see it

ironfist923921d ago

I'm pretty sure all that actually was pre-rendered using the in game engine.

Godchild10203922d ago

How well will it work with the Wii U and does that release date shown indicate that the Wii U will be out around that time?

That trailer was awesome.

brodychet3922d ago

They always make the best trailers.


GroundsKeeperJimbo3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

I'd venture to guess yes on Wii U version, seeing as its on par with current gen at the least. Although its hard to say if the system will be released by Nov. I'm really hoping so.

And in Dec. people were worried 2012 would be a crap year for gaming. :]

lsujester3921d ago

It will be crap year for gaming when we all die on the 21st while playing our games.

solidboss3922d ago

i dont understand how you got Red Dead Redemption out of that trailer. theres no resemblance other than the wide open forest area

Blaze9293922d ago

a buddy of mine brought an interesting question: I wonder if there will be any slaves/mention of slavery in the game...

AridSpider3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

you know, that's actually a pretty damn good question. And I can't figure out if that would be a good or bad thing. It'd be good to kinda add to the setting's realistic setting and time period. But if they ignore it, it's like trying to erase the fact that slavery DID and still does exist...

The fact that this appears to be a Native American might be a bit interesting as well. Seeing as they..were bullied out of "America".

dead_eye3922d ago

Slaves are mentioned in the trailer but it's to do with the america's fighting not to be slaves. So i'm guessing real slavery isn't going to be mentioned.

YogiBear3921d ago

Was slavery mentioned in Assassin's Creed 1? There was certainly slavery in the crusade times.

There were slaves in Italy during the times of Assassin's Creed 2, but they weren't mentioned.

Revelations is set in the Ottoman Empire so there were definitely slaves but I do not recall them being mentioned.

LolololRumz3921d ago

Now you've said that the slave trade could be an interesting 'faction' not necessary one you can use all the time but for certain missions

irepbtown3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

There were slaves in Italy during AC2 time as well as the Ottoman Empire. There has been slavery for thousands and thousands of years. The poor becoming slaves most of the time.

But I'm sure when people talk about slavery, the first thing that pops into their mind would be what happened to Black Africans.

I think they SHOULD include it within the game to make it more realistic. Maybe even be the Assassin we play supporting the abolition of slavery. Though the main story should still focus on Native Americans.

YogiBear3921d ago


I think it may be mentioned in passing but I don't see it being at the heart of the story they are going to tell. While slavery was legal in all 13 colonies at that time. The northern industries didn't rely on it to the extent that the southern ones did. Most of the big battles took place in the north until the British went to the Carolina's. If the plot extends to that, I think slavery could be shown.

Simon_Brezhnev3921d ago

I thought about it but never mentioned it on this racist site. I just know let me see one Black slave and im dropping this game.

dgonza403921d ago

now that you mention it, im really disappointed slaves haven't been mentioned before.. would be nice for some to be assassins..

gypsygib3921d ago

@ AridSpider

Native Americans weren't "bullied out of America", they were bullied into the ground dead or put on reservations. There wasn't an exodus.

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blackmamba7073922d ago

finally a proper sequel, they were milking Ezio to the point it got boring

3922d ago
StraightPath3922d ago

wow now who is going to say this game is getting milked...yes AC BH and ACR were pretty much same offerings but they had offered more

then uncharted games in terms of new additions to gameplay. Uncharted 1-3 apart from 2 which added cinematic experiences are pretty much the same. same as golden abyss.

Solid_Snake373922d ago

Was it necessary to bash a game that's not related to AC whatsoever?

Nac3922d ago

I would say Uncharted 3 is more cinematic than 2. Among Thieves got the ball rolling but three really upped the ante.

Rainstorm813922d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

How did you even go from AC to Uncharted when comparing what has been milked.

Brotherhood and revelation were milking the franchise and the Ezio storyline...this looks and feels like what a NEW AC should be like Ac 1 to 2

Besides this gen there are 6 AC games counting the PSP version and 4 UC games counting UC:GA so you are completely off base

Mottsy3921d ago

LOL if you want to talk about games being Milked talk about Capcom games or Activision but to just go straight to nevermind your just this sea of right and we r these little boats of wrong in your vast open ocean. /SSSSSSSSSSSSS

irepbtown3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Uncharted dont milk the story. They have genuine links and everything slots together perfectly. It reminds me of National treasure, though both films (one & two) are about treasure hunting, they are completely different in their own respective way.

Assassins creed links well, however they had Ezio for a tad bit too long. I really like Altair and his story, I didn't click too well with Ezio.
This is a great step though, I doubted it at first however the trailer looks promising. I mean, climbing trees... how cool is that?

YogiBear3921d ago

Milking is when you are no longer bringing a coherent and original story or innovation to the franchise. In essence you are only bringing the "name" and face value to the product.

The video games in my opinion haven't been milked. If they were to bring out an Assassin's Creed 4 after ending this story, and it has no logical connection to previous games then yes, I would say it's being milked.

I don't feel that is the case with this game. I think it will conclude a story that started in AC1.

Pl4sm43921d ago

ripping on uncharted for being the same ? lol ...... cod doesnt come to mind ?

Saladfax3921d ago

Yeah, Uncharted hasn't changed their formula a whole lot, but with a couple years between releases, it's not nearly as noticeable.

Aside from numerous releases in a short time as well as various DLC, Assassin's Creed has kind of worn out its welcome of late.

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Jaces3922d ago

It's about freaking time, tired of being jerked around with ACII spin offs.

LolololRumz3921d ago


Maybe it's hidden

MsclMexican3921d ago

Im wondering... could this be in engine?

Usually the Ubisoft trailers have a huge gap in difference.

Look at the ACR e3 trailer and the final game... but this trailer looks a lot like the screens we have seen of this game.

If it is in engine... color me impressed and more excited than I was before

WitWolfy3921d ago

I agree, I remember getting super hyped for Splinter Cell Conviction 's trailer to notice it was just a CG POS

Tonester9253921d ago

Is it me or does he seem a little more "weighted down." Instead of just floating around. Maybe they will make him have more realistic movements with the new engine.

metsgaming3921d ago

how you supposed to assassinate people wearing clothing that is nothing like the clothing worn during that period. Everyone would be looking at him. Hes supposed to blend in but does the exact opposite. Should be a nice change of pace though with the time period, but i fear it will just be different facade and everything feels the same.

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andreasx3922d ago

looks good, but didn't see the hidden blade! :(

Ace_Man_63922d ago

It's confirmed but it wasn't in the trailer

Mykky3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

The hidden blade is confirmed. It is just not in the trailer :)

edit: Damn, he beat me to it!

EmperorDalek3921d ago

It wouldn't exactly be hidden if you could see it...

Pl4sm43921d ago

you cant see the hidden blade .... its hidden :p

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LarVanian3922d ago

Great trailer, this fall is going to be amazing for gaming.

shammgod3922d ago

Yes it will...and my backlog of games will continue to grow

blackmamba7073922d ago

I think The Last Of Us will escape to early 2013, but fall is looking strong nonetheless - RE6, AC3, Far Cry 3, I expect huge titles onslaught

LarVanian3922d ago

Don't forget about Bioshock: Infinite and possibly GTAV if we're lucky!

dgonza403921d ago

@ LarVanian, im so excited for bioshock.. Levine is a genius :)
hopefully they announce a Collector's Edition. Would definitely snag it up in a heartbeat.

Nozzle3922d ago

Hopefully we'll get a epic CGI trailer with an amazing song at can't beat Revealtions one with Woodkids Iron song. much for the Assassin being netural in the war

sjaakiejj3922d ago

Looks Great! Wish I had the time to actually finish Brotherhood...