Is Forza Horizon gunning for Need for Speed?

Dan Grenawalt looked positively excited at the reveal of the latest Forza game, and whilst like everyone else we were shocked at the release date of 2012, the video proved to be something else entirely.

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Yi-Long2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

... I think it will be a point-to-point racer, like Need for Speed, among others, but with realistic controls.

Hopefully we'll be able to cruise through MANY different gorgeous locations in a nice variety of cars.

I always prefered P2P races to circuit racers, and I liked those tracks in Forza, so for me hopefully this game will be an interesting buy...

MurDocINC2540d ago

I think they going to fast. I'm still 1/2 way on forza 3, didn't even start 4 and now another game. Give it another year development, nobody will mind.

matt19912540d ago

Yea i feel the same way. i just skipped 4 because i wanted to finish 3. its starting to become like Madden and CoD. Little updates every year.