How Fable: The Journey will use the Kinect in revolutionary ways (interview with Peter Molyneux)

Game designer Peter Molyneux discusses in detail how the latest Fable will use the Kinect in never-before-seen ways (including to kill puppies)...and why he stores his iPad in his underwear.

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idontgetit4102d ago

Puppy > bunny. (Bunnies taste good.)

NagaSotuva4103d ago

My Kinect has been gathering dust since Dance Central 2. Let's do this.

THR1LLHOUSE4103d ago

Wait...Peter Molyneux says his new game is going to do crazy amazing stuff that will blow everyone away? I DON'T BELIEVE IT.

OmegaSaiyanX4103d ago

Exactly since he has been saying this since Fable 1 and hasnt actually ever produced a Fable game that lives up to what he says I will take it that its gonna be another all talk no action type of game and be totally underwhelming.

Although to admit he is rather entertaining to listen to its just a shame he cannot put that same entertainment into his games.

I mean look at Kingdoms Of Amalur first game and a success, Peter has had 3 attempts and failed at each one.

THR1LLHOUSE4103d ago

I wouldn't say he failed, but when he hypes up his games so much they're going to be disappointing even if they're really good.

Still, I'm kinda glad he's a bit of a character. Devs with personality are *always* better than those without. That's why I love Kojima so much.

Fishy Fingers4103d ago

Of course it will Pete.... Of course it will...

PooEgg4103d ago

It is sort of sad that although I have bought every Fable game in the past, I have no interest in this one. But I guess this is good news for people who enjoy Kinect.

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