Motion Control: Financial Success, Creative failure

GNT: When Nintendo released the Wii in 2006, they revolutionised the gaming world. All of a sudden, gaming went from a frowned upon hobby for ‘teenage boys’ to a recognised and welcomed activity for all the family. Now you and I know that gaming was never just for geeky teenage boys. People of all ages and both genders have enjoyed gaming since it began, but the difference after the Wii was mainstream acceptance. All of a sudden positive gaming stories were featured in right wing leaning media outlets, such as Fox News, or The Daily Mail. Of course, there were still outrages about sexual content or excessive amounts of violence, just look at the fuss caused over Modern Warfare 2′s No Russian level, but this was to be expected.

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Titanz2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Wish is a shame, cause it actually adds more to gameplay, depending on the title that's being played. I really enjoy games like - Redsteel 2, Skyward Swords, NHL 2K11, Tiger Woods 10-11, and so on.

The Wii remote isn't only about motion though. It has an IR pointer, and converts into a Nes controller when it's turned horizontally.

Both Microsoft and Sony, ate into Nintendo's profits by releasing their own exclusive motion peripherals, and having HD visual, better online service, and more 3rd party support. Luckly the Wii U supports Wii remotes for the group of us who still enjoy to game with them.

mamotte2540d ago

It's not a creative failure, after playing games like Zack & Wiki, Skyward Sword, RE4: Wii Edition, Red Steel 2, you just have to admit that motion controllers really work hen developers put effort into it; the problem is that the console became a house for lazy developers who did nothing but lame party games, and bitch about how a game cant be great without HD, instead of trying something original in the graphic department like Madworld or Muramasa. The proof of it ar MS and Sony trying to get one slice from the mation controller cake; but we all know how it ended up.