Microsoft Plans Motion Sensing Controller for Xbox 360

If what XboxFamily is hearing out of Saratoga, California is true, Xbox 360 owners can expect to be playing motion sensing games, much like that of the Wii or PS3, by the end of next year. The details are still sketchy, but it appears a first-party peripheral may be the delivery method of the technology.

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MrWonderful4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

just as i expected. M$ to copy something instead of being innovative. such a shame.

edit. im not saying this to start a flame war but they need to focus on that fault @ss hardware they have. Cuz if my elite dies i might just hit them with a lawsuit myself, because that will be the 3rd one

4D Zangief4045d ago

how Sony copied Rumble from the N64, and motion sensing from the Wii. I can really see the innovation in Sony.

Stick to roundhouses Chuck.

socomnick4045d ago

All the companies copy from each other.

Texas GMR4045d ago

If they do something with it, I hope it's to a whole nother level than what is in the Wii or PS3.

Maybe something along the lines of the Head Tracking video that Johnny Chung Lee has put together. That would be cool.

InMyOpinion4045d ago

Like Sony copied Xbox Live and Second Life? Microsoft had motion sensing controllers in 1998, way before Sony.

Scroll down to Freestyle Pro.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4045d ago

Former Sun Microsystems chief executive Scott McNealy

"Microsoft never produced technology except by buying it. Name one thing they've ever invented on their own? Seriously, name one! If you think of any, send me an e-mail, and I'll research it to find out who they bought it from.... R&D [research and development] and M&A [mergers and acquisitions] are the same thing over there."

Guwapo774045d ago

Sony had the motion sensing patent first but Nintendo was the first to implement it. Which in turn Sony rushed out to modify it's controllers to use the tech prior to release. As for rumble...that was borrowed from the PC simulation market.

Regret4045d ago

Motion sensing existed waaaaay before Wii in consoles.

sabbath4204045d ago

That is such a lame comment. MS is and has been a innovative co. Dude MS came out with a sidewinder style controller for PC 9 years ago and so I think if anyone copies its sony. As for the hardware I think MS has pretty much patched that 1 up and have given great customer support. Sure the ps3 is a well made system and does not overheat. (jack of all trades master of nothing). Sony has been making hardware for a very long time and should have it down by now. MS is new to the hardware buisiness.

MrWonderful4045d ago

do you even know what the word innovative is? or maybe its 2 big of a word for you to understand, so STFU unless you have a clue what you are talking about.

B Man4045d ago

xbox live wasn't innovative? I beg to differ...

FPS nut4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

And rumble, analog sticks, shoulder buttens, d-pad, video codex, and the whole video game console thing from Atari, Sega and Nintendo? Uh oh, what about using the disc format in games? shame on you Sony for stealing that from Sega CD. You must be 10 years old and think gaming started with the Playstation or your to stupid to realize gaming history.

Sez 4045d ago

didn't nintendo start motion sensing in the power glove back in the nes days.

WilliamRLBaker4045d ago

Hence the picture on the article showing a person whispering in another persons ear, RUMOR.

spandexxking4045d ago

about the whole rumble thing didnt you have to buy the rumble pak separatly anyway?

CodeMonkey14045d ago

Like the junk 6-Axis?

MS may be copying but the difference is they will do it right. 6Axis = teh gay

TANOD is in al aqaeda

aba4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

So is this opposite day? Or are you just a retard?

The only good wii games are the ones that use limited motion control. Sixaxis is a goddamn joke, never use it, probably never will. I want dualshock 3 not garbage. MS doesn't need to copy something so stupid and flawed.

Blackfrican4045d ago

TheChosenOne vs Microsoft. You can take them down!

1. 95% of you are retards
2. why do the other 5% put up with you retards?
3. who the hell cares about companies copying.
4. ALL Companies combine good ideas that other companies had
5. You all defend your purchase way too much

you stupid japs...

FirstknighT4045d ago

These ignorant idiots like ChosenOne didn't even know that motion sensing isn't new. The fact is that Microsoft has had motion sensing games way before the Wii and ps3.

wind_dragon4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

ur wrong! Pelican created the FIRST motion sensing controller (called Tilt Force 2) for the original playstation. =P

PopEmUp4045d ago

Microsoft R&D team should be rename to R&B team cause all they do is research and buy not develop or invented it

godofthunder104044d ago

i hope that microsoft doesn't put the motion controller in the box when you buy a 360 because i don't want it.i think that it's just a fad and i don't like it but if other people like it just make it so people could buy it seperate off the shelf if they want it.
i'm tired of hearing from sony fanboys about how microsoft never made any thing their selfs.hell microsoft is the one that made the motion controller they had it years ago before the wii or ps3 ever came out,hell microsoft invented most of the programs that computers have on it,as a matter of fact if it wasn't for microsoft we will still be using doss.
fans never give credit where credit is due.hell i hate sony and will never buy a ps3 but i'll admit that it's a good system.i'm tired of hearing about the rrod and how microsoft isn't doing anything about it.the truth is that microsoft is replacing the chip that over heat in all the new systems and every one gets a 3 year warrinty.
when sony came out with their first 2 ps they had hardware problems to,especially with the ps1,hell i had to buy 5 of them in less then a year and a half because it had defected drives.when you put a game in it would read can't read disc,even if it was a new system with a new game.i'm not saying every one that had a ps1 had problems.hell i bought my 360 at launch and i never had any problems with it.
the 360 doesn't have a 75% failure rate as Game13a13y is trying to say and the people that agree with him are just sony fan boys because the fact is that it's a lot lower then 75% and this shows how people can lie about the other system just to try and make the one they have look better.if you count the failure rate of a product by the problems that one person have on it like he's trying to do then i could say that 360 has a 0% failure rate because i never had any problems and i had my from launch.i could also say that the ps1 had a 100% defected rate because i had to buy 5 of them in less then a year and a half because of the defective don't go by just 1 count all the systems together if you don't know.
like i said before,when the ps1 came out it had a high defecteive rate to,it wasn't high like the 360 but it was as high,it was a 28% defective rate,but sony fixed it in the first 2 years,so why don't people talk about that.i know that the ps3 is a good system and the few people that had problems with it is to few to mention but it took sony 3 generation of consoles to get it right the first time.
Game13a13y claims that microsoft isn't fixing the 360 and he lied about how high the defective rate i said before the truth is that microsoft is replacing the chips with new ones that want over heat and gave every one a 3 year warrinty unlike sony.when sony first came out with the ps1 they had a 28% defective rate but sony didn't give a 3 year warrinty as a matter of fact sony didn't do any thing.if you had a ps and it went out 1 day after 90 days(i think it was 90 i'm not sure,it might be 60 days back then)then you were stuck with it,i should know because like i said i had to buy 5 in less then a year and a half and when i called sony and told them about the drive they told me that they couldn't do anything because the warrinty was over and it was almost a new system,but i'll admit that they fixed the problem in about 2 years.
Game13a13y thinks that he knows every thing but he doesn't know a damn thing.he claims that microsoft isn't doing anything for their customers and they are not fixing the 360.if that's true then why is it that they have articles now about microsoft puting the falcon chips in the new 360 and i like him to name one company that ever gave a 3 year warrinty for an electronic product that's defected or not.he will never find one,microsoft is the only company to ever do it.
it's people like him that post what he wants instead of facts,he trys to make the ps3 look like it's perfect and the 360 is the worse thing that they have.the truth is that they are both good systems with good games,as a matter of fact the 360 does some things better then the ps3 and the ps3 does some things better then the 360 and that's a fact not some wishing thinking like some people post about one system being perfect.
instead of liying, all game fans need to just enjoy the games and be friends with every one and just talk about the games instead of the systems because about 95% to 98% of the games are on both systems.
all the 360 fans want admit it but they wish that some exclusives games that's on the ps3 was on the 360.hell i wish that killzone 2 and some other exclusives was on the 360 because they look like great games and i would buy them the first day that they come out but the ps3 have games that i don't like either like mgs4 because i played mgs before and i don't like them and games like r & c because it's just to childish for me.
all the ps3 fans want admit it either but they wish that some exclusive games that's on the 360 was on the ps3.they wish that games like elvon and might and magic was on the ps3 and i know that the 360 have exclusives that they don't like either.
what i'm saying is that it's just childish to fight about a system just because you have one that you think is the best when almost all the games are on both of them and the graphics are about the same so just enjoy the games and let just be friends and just talk about the games instead of the systems because it's the games that matter and if you have a ps3 the 360 doesn't even concern you and if you have a 360 the ps3 doesn't concern you so just enjoy and talk about the games.

SlappyMcTaint4044d ago

No idea having b1tches trash on everybody else's technology, constantly saying "we won't do it, it's stupid." then once it proves successful, they copy it.

fcking f4gs.

and you xbot lemmings will think it's the best thing since gaylo 3. pathetic.

BLUR1114044d ago

honestly , i would perfer the air flow controller

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4045d ago

The 360 is perfect how it is.

But I hope they don't start copying the Wii and abondoing real gamers with the Wii mote bullcrap.

Game13a13y4045d ago

perfect as in it doesn't have next-gen format, no wi-fi, and freakin' RROD 75% failure rate?

like someone said before, they should focus on the damn RROD first and foremost instead of tripping themselves with something they can't handle over and over again. lol.

Blackfrican4045d ago

Just like you should finish the laundry b4 you worry about random statistics.

Game13a13y4045d ago

dude its simple math.

take for example, john has his 360 RROD on him for 3 times, that means he has been given 4 360's total, and all 3 of them went RROD, and 3/4 you get 75%

and i'm not saying everyone is on the 4th 360's, but probably somebody has it RROD on them more than 4 times, i'm just taking the average.

so to those people, the dying rate is 75%

Sez 4044d ago

why is it that sonyfanboys never keep on subject at hand. they always want to talk about the RROD. when the subject clearly isn't about don't see 360 fanboys post on every sony news about the dre issues with the ps2 or sony batteries exploding laptops. so whats the rate of failure with that.

Richdad4044d ago

I dont know why sony fanboys talk abt it when they know nothing, Microsot takes care of it and replaces it for free till 3 years. That is sufficient and also after that one can do a small and easy X-clamp mod to bring it back if it happened and the percentage is not 75%, you are lying abt it @Game13a13y, its 30% and now this problem has vanished in new models.

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GodofPeace4045d ago

any sane person can see it will fail

InMyOpinion4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

I think it depends on the games that will use it. If the games are great it won't fail.

If it gets games like Lair it will certainly bomb and become a gimmick that no one uses, like the Sixaxis.

Guwapo774045d ago

There is a learning curve with tech like this. And we saw how it failed in Lair. But the newer games like Ratchet and Uncharted use the Sixaxis extremely well. Lets hope they don't write it off with the first games released for it. Look at the Wii's first gen 3rd party games...horrible. The controls perform nothing like Nintendo's first party games.

The only problem I see with this is that the system didn't have this tech in place from the beginning. And history shows add-ons just don't penetrate the already installed user base very well. Microsoft is going to have to totally replace it like Sony did with the Dualshock controller.

Meno4045d ago

You almost sounded objective for a second.

Of course if the games that support it make good use of the technology it will flourish, but to say it has been a gimmick on the ps3 is to ignore the online presence warhawk has and the use it's been put to in Uncharted, Folklore, and RC:TOD. Even DLC like High Velocity Bowling, Flow and Blast Factor have used the technology to great affect.

I don't see a reason to burn MS for following the trend set by Wii & PS3 this generation in making giving the consumer (and developer) more options for controller inputs, but they did originally state that motion control would be a fad, didn't they?

prodg524045d ago

@Meno, I have a PS3 and a Wii and I feel that the sixaxis is much more responsive than the wiimote. The ONLY advantage that the wii has is the rumble (which is going to change in feb).

Those calling sixaxis a gimick and a copy never tried it (High Velosity Bowling). Sony actually put some thought behind this

InMyOpinion4045d ago

I only wrote the top part first "I think it depends on the games that will use it. If the games are great it won't fail."

But since fanboys disagreed with it I added the rest just for the fun of it.

ravinash4045d ago

I never played lair, so I can't comment on how good it is there.
I learned how to use sixaxis when playing Heavenly Sword and it is actually really good.
its a lot of fun shooting a canon ball and then controlling the movement like this and gives another dimension to the game.
the only other game that uses it a lot is Warhawk, and its great there as well as its gives you more control and frees the joystick to move the target.
I think a lot of the MS fanboys are just up set at the idea because they have been hitting on the sixaxis saying its a gimmick and now (if it is true) they have egg on their face.

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GunShotEddy4045d ago

The Xbox 360 could cover every spectrum of the current market. They have hardcore gamers. They've started on casual gamers with the Arcade. If they do this right, it could be an all-around win. For now, I'll stick with my PS3 and Wii. At least I know those two have it mastered already. The 360, I'll have to play by ear.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Microsoft will force you to buy new controllers to play certain games due to motion sensing!



Sony did not force me to buy DualShock 3. This is because its a luxury not a must. I can keep playing all PS3 games with Sixaxis (Without Rumble) it not effect a thing. On the other hand you cannot play a motion sensing game without motion sensing controller.

InMyOpinion4045d ago

Just like Sony forces you to buy new controllers to get a much older feature like rumble.

Guwapo774045d ago

Just like CW said...your not forced to buy it. No game will require you to have rumble to play it. Maybe you won't be forced into buying a motion sensing controller for the X360 either. Like is some of Sony's games you can turn off the Sixaxis feature. Lair...well we all know that was a huge mistake.

Blademask4045d ago

Rumble isn't mandatory to play a game. Neither is a steering wheel. Its just an option, you can buy the one with Rumble, or not. Up to you.

ScentlessApprentice74045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Sony decided to introduce the Dualshock 3 basically to appease all those b!tching little crybabies that complained about rumble not being available in the SixAxis. Sony listened to the requests of their consumers, and now they are doing something to make them happy.

Sony isn't forcing PS3 gamers to purchase the DS3; If you want rumble that bad, then there it is, if you don't then stick with the SixAxis. It is that easy.

When the hell has Microsoft ever done any of that??? The biggest controversy with the xbox 360 was the RROD and its 33% failure rate which is WAY over any industry standard and they take such a slackend approach to it.

InMyOpinion4045d ago

I'm sure Sony would add 3 years guarantee and repair it for free if they had the same problem. Riiight...Just like they did with faulty PS2's...

Who says you need motion sensing to play games more than you need rumble? Games like Lair could have had optional controls.

Sez 4044d ago

hum. you would think with sony laptop batteries exploding on people and he dre prolems with the ps2. sony would want to have a 3 year warrenty. don't you think. and the way sony handle the problem with both issues make MS look way better.

Meno4044d ago

Sony doesn't need to promote a warranty, because they have learned to manufacture gaming hardware that isn't faulty. Bringing up the fail rate for the 360 is getting old, but the fact is that on the other side of the fence, I can count the number of dead ps3 I've heard of on one hand hand still have a finger left to pick my nose.

Microsoft fanboys are a curious thing. They have a number of great games to play on the system, but if it were any other piece of product a wildfire of failures would turn people to the competition. Instead it seems they buy games while waiting for their system to come back in.

I'm all for options, and hope the 360 owners enjoy using the interactivity that the ps3 and wii have been enjoying, because it lends a lot to the experience.

Sez 4044d ago

ah. heres were you are wrong my friend. let me enlighten you. sonyfanboys bring up the RROD in every subject that has to do with MS news. but when any 360 fanboy talk about the dre problem they always change the subject or act like it never happened. we all know sony doesn't have problems with the ps3(and thank god) it took three gen to get it right. the ps1 wasn't really a problem only the lid sometimes won't stay close. the ps2. i had 3 ps2 that suffered thru the dre. 2 times i had to come out my pocket to have them fixed. until a class action suit made sony fix them for free. did i get my money back.NO. the only reason why i stay with sony is because of the games. much like the 360 is now. the only diffrence with the two. no judge made them do it. they took the lose on it by putting up 1 billion to fix it. what did sony do with the ps2. they remodel it. so that meant people that owned the first sku suffered or could possibly have suffered thru the problem. hum. again same as the 360. did the xbox have dre problems?No. did the xbox have the RROD? then i guess the xbox was a farely good system. so tell me please any sonyfan or fanboy explain to me why did sony laptop blow up people laptops if they make such great hardware.

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