Should More Games Follow the Multiplayer Model set by Killzone 3? The split between multiplayer based gamers and gamers who enjoy playing alone is becoming a wider and wider gap each year as the online community of gamers continues to grow.

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TopDudeMan2540d ago

Maybe not from the get-go but when numbers of players online start to dip, it might be a good idea to revitalise the online community and make some more money out of the game by getting players who would never have tried it out if it weren't free.

R1CAN6172540d ago

I would love if other developers followed in there foot steps i mean i have no interest in Killzone 3's singleplayer so to be able to buy the Multiplayer for $15 buck thats Perfect! I wish COD or BF would do the same.

DeFFeR2535d ago

Technically, you could - just buy used.

I'm not super COD-hating fanboy, but there really isn't all that much difference from COD4 to MW2, [email protected] to BOs etc.

BF is unique because there hasn't been a "numbered" BF on consoles (Modern Combat was a terrible port) to compare it to, and Bad Company was a decent spin off (and was still fun).

I like the model that KZ has used, but even with that model, I still only find myself playing 3v3 games

KUV19772540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I already had the disc version and platinumed it. For me Killzone 3 is the best online shooter. However after excessively playing it it gave way to other games and while I wanted to play a round from time to time I was to lazy to switch discs just for an hour or two. With the PLUS-rebate i bought the multiplayer and played two hours and what fun it was. Servers are full again and now that it's on my hard disc I look forward to play a round every now and then.

Also it has it's own platinum trophy. While I wouldn't have bought it just for trophies it is a nice plus.

shammgod2540d ago

I am in the exact same boat. Having it on the hard drive is perfect. I can get a few Warzones in after playing another game without having to switch the disc.

Every gamer needs their FPS fix and this was perfect for me!

DeFFeR2535d ago

Hmm - if I own the game, would my stats "update" once I put the disc in, or would those above the level cap just never count? Do you know?

ger23962540d ago

I think they should, I mean in my opinion games like bf3 and cod have crap sp. but their online are good. In essence your paying full retail to play mp. I would welcome games ala carte.

JimboG2540d ago

I hate Killzone's lobby though. I can't even tell what rank everyone is. That annoys me.