PSM3: New Bungie project is built on Halo: Reach engine, will be for next-gen consoles

A rumor has popped up in the latest issue of PSM3 regarding Bungie and next-gen consoles.

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360 man2542d ago

why use a last gen engine for next gen consoles?

BlmThug2542d ago

Your avatar terrified me

da_2pacalypse2542d ago

More importantly, why are they allowed to use the engine? Doesn't microsoft have the rights to all things that bungie created for the halo universe? Or is an engine not included in that? Because, 343 is also using a heavily modified reach engine to build halo4...

DeadlyFire2541d ago

Game engine was not created by Microsoft and likely they don't own the engine. That was likely Bungie's doing. In doing so they own it. You can call it the Halo Reach engine if you want. It will be titled something else upon their debut of it. Doesn't matter if its built upon Reach engine. It will be at least 10 times better by time its shown to you.

Heavily modified/improved engines exist everywhere. Look at Far Cry 3. FC 1 built on CryEngine 1. FC 2 uses Dunia(built upon CryEngine 1). FC 3 uses still Dunia improved/modified engine which still at its core remains CryEngine 1.

Only bad side to using modified/improved engines is that there are limitations within the engine that still exist to an extent, but developers often try to push the engines as far as they will go. Say with new hardware/tech. It wouldn't be impossible to throw in some extra things that couldn't be done in the engine last gen. Say more enemies, destructible things, A few new higher quality textures, change lighting around a little.

Clayman2542d ago

they're with Activision now you know.

AntoineDcoolette2542d ago

makes sense as to why they would use an out dated engine lolol /call of duty jab

Legionaire20052542d ago

Couldn't said it better AntoineDcoolette lol!!! But Wait they are not using the dated Call of Duty Engine, they will use the dated Halo Reach engine to power so called next gen Call of Duty lol!!! There I figure them out. Activision said at one time that they will make a Scifi game, well now they have Bungie.

Firebird3602542d ago

Agreed. I hope the supposed specs of the next Xbox are false otherwise it will be underpowered the day it's released. Maybe that why they are using reach engine because the nextgen won't be as powerful as we'er used to seeing in new hardware.

Machioto2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

@360 The supposed specs of the next xbox is to have a dual gpu and hex core CPU,this may be true because I heard that 6670 base card are going to be like 50 bucks per gpu for Microsoft,though I wish it was based of the radeon 6770 or 6750 because two would have the same spec as a 5870 or 5850.

Gildarts2542d ago

It should be able to run on Unreal Engine 4, since Lionhead is hiring for a Next-gen game on the Unreal Engine 4.

So i guess the specs are false.

Bob5702542d ago

They are going to gut it and rebuild off the foundations, it's going to be heavily modified. They did this with Halo 2,3, and Reach.

Spitfire_Riggz2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Cool, so the graphics improve but it retains that halo feel/look/style?

theeg2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )


"why use a last gen engine for next gen consoles? "

halo reach was sub hd, covered in jaggies and ran between 20-30 frames

next will use better shadows, 1080p, 60 frames, higher quality textures, better lighting and 4x anti aliasing

that right there is more than 4x-8x info, the improvement will be HUGE, almost as big as the difference between a console port and the pc original.

AbyssGravelord2542d ago

And you got this information from?

humbleopinion2541d ago

Reach covered in jaggies and ran between 20-30 frames!? Are you for real?
The AA in reach was one of the best implementations this Gen and the game is pretty much jag-free. Can you point to screenshots showing otherwise?
It's also running on steady 30fps for most but the most intense combat scenarios - and even then it's pushing more stuff on screen than most of the games this gen.

Anyway, it makes sense not to use the engine for a multiplatform current gen game: It plays to the strength of the Xbox 360 hardware extensively and so porting it to the PS3 hardware limitations will probably be a nightmare and result in an inferior game.
Next gen consoles however will probably handle such task at ease thanks to probably a tenfold increase in power.

fluffydelusions2542d ago

Just because the engine is in use this gen doesn't mean it will look the same on better hardware. Just look at the PC versions of games compared to the console counterpart. PC version always looks miles better.

Play2Win2542d ago

You can do a lot with the same engine on better hardware. Image alone a true Full HD picture with Reach Engine and better textures and AA for example.

pixelsword2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

@ 360 man:
It's because the older engine, whilst antiquated, would have most of the bugs worked out of it and still has a lot of useful code. Insomniac's engine for the first Resistance was an older one, but it was the most stable game out of the series. the engine used for Killzone 2 and 3 was actually Killzone 1's old engine, just worked over a bit (quite a bit).

I'm sure that if anyone, Bungie would know how to make that engine purr on newer consoles.

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Bob5702542d ago

No surprise here. Bungie has always re-used their engines. Halo 2 was built of off the Halo 1 engine, and Halo 3 off the Halo 2 engine, and Halo Reach of off the Halo 3 engine.

Bungie just released in 2010, any game they have ever released with an upgraded engine has always had a 3 year development cycle. With next gen consoles likely to come late 2013, it wouldn't make any sense for them to release on this gen hardware, so I don't really see how it's even a question as to whether is coming on this gen or next.

1Victor2542d ago

In other words by your logic halo 3 was built of halo engine. Kids this gen make no sense, can anyone explain it to grampa?

Bob5702542d ago

Absolutely. Each Halo game with an engine upgrade has been built on the foundations of the previous Halo game's engine.

Watch this video from 2:30 to 3:00. He says they "ended up gutting almost every part of the engine." Clearly Reach is built off of Halo 3's engine, it's just been heavily modified. The same holds true for their other Halo games.

thrasherv32542d ago

@Bob570: That's true for almost every franchise. Do you think every developer starts from scratch after every game?

STK0262542d ago

Re-using the engine used in Reach doesn't mean they won't update it; the latest Command and Conquer games (that have been released so far) are still running on the old W3D engine that was used for Emperor :Battle for Dune, yet they still look on par with pretty much any other RTS game.While Call of Duty is not the best looking game, it still doesn't look anything like Quake III. We should actually expect most developers who have their own engine to re-use them next-gen, as it reduces costs and can still provide great graphics when done properly.

John Kratos2542d ago

I don't think this is true at all. I imagine MS probably owns everything Halo including the tech it was built on, so I doubt Bungie would be reusing the Halo engine. They're definitely building one from the ground up for this new project.

Mikefizzled2542d ago

People seem to be unable distinguish that graphics and engines are not the same thing...

OcularVision2542d ago

Well they should be building an engine that displays true 1080p (and not that upscaled garbage) as well as locking at 60fps.

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