After Christmas Video Game Deals Arrive

Lots of random little great deals have popped up post Christmas for you to spend any left over (or newly received) monies.

For those that don't have it still, Halo 3 is only $29.90 at GoGamer.

GameFly is having a Year End Sale up until January 4th: Some example deals are The Darkness only $12.34, Forza 2 $14.24, and Shadowrun for $12.34. I would really check this link and look into their full list, they have a ton of deals on all systems.

For the PC users, Steam is having a sale, 10-50% Everything! Great deals include, The Orange Box - $37.45, Bioshock $37.45, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - $22.45, and Psychonauts - 9.95!! (If you haven't played this title yet, you have no excuse not to now. You can even use a 360 controller.)

World of Warcraft - $9.99 at Amazon.

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lynx1halo4579d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

thats the price it should have been in the first place for this Halo 2 clone ....640P ..come on bungie your better than that


I didnt know crack was so cheap:

world of warcaraft= $10

EHILL4578d ago

Anyone check out the morning ads, I failed to get a paper so I'm wondering if anything cool is out there.

purin4578d ago

they have a $37 sale for some wii & 360 games


i bought a black slim psp with a 8 gig sandisk.
i didnt buy any ps3 games, i think i own all the great ones already.

romaink4578d ago

finally purchased Forza 2!

Dpa4578d ago

Quick warning, dont be like me and decide to race all the races. Hire drivers for some of them, otherwise youl get 50% through and think, i cant bare to drive the same track again :P

Mikey_Gee4578d ago

I got Bioshock for $39

Assassins Creed for $39

and The Darkness for $19

Also grabbed "300" on HD-DVD for $19

Mikey_Gee4578d ago

how can you disagree with the prices I paid.

Wow ......... TRUE IDIOTS.

xm15e2s4578d ago

Very cool, I have been waiting for Sega Rally Revo (for the 360) to come down in price. Got it for $19.99!

I know that a lot of people were not too crazy about this game, but I think it looks awesome and is a blast to play.

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