The Player Syndicate review

The Player (formelly take a look at what Starbreeze have done with Syndicate. Has the much beloved strategy game made the leap into the modern day?

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wallis2540d ago

Not being familiar with the franchise I can confidently say the game as it stands is a solid 3-4/5. It's a good game that's not great but has numerous flaws. If you play it on hard you'll get a good shoot 'em up experience with a few nice twists and great graphics.

However I do sympathize with fans of the original. This is hardly relatable to what I know of the old syndicate and I wish the actual fans had gotten the game they deserve.

lelo2play2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Agree with the score. 2.5/5 or 5/10 is appropriate for this game. The market is saturated with FPS's, and i find difficult to be exited with the release of new FPS's.