Binary Domain Review [Capsule Computers]

Capsule Computers has reviewed Sega's Binary Domain from the creator of the Yakuza series Toshihiro Nagoshi.

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LinkageAX2542d ago

I wanted to try this, and a 9.0 is the perfect excuse for me to.

masterabbott2542d ago

I have to agree with this Linkage kid on this one.

masterabbott2542d ago

Im buying this game no questions asked!

fastNslowww2542d ago

try the demo first...the game isn't that good, IMO.

masterabbott2542d ago

I played the demo, it enjoyed it, thats why im going to get it :)

portugamer2542d ago

Wow, graphics look stunning.
Didn't understand what style of game is... Like mass effect? Or like vanquish, or any other action fps game? Thanks if someone can explain a bit more.

Anyway, a 9 is great,I will wait for other reviews, and will add it to my buying list, for sure.

This month is going to be insane, so many games, so much quality. Journey, now this one, mass effect 3, which will be awesome, and many others.

Guys, its good to be a gamer, really. During the last 5 years, there may be at least 100-150 excellent titles we can play, on our favorite consoles. Just imagine a guy, in 2 years, who hadn't bought a console, this generation, and just buys a ps3 and a x360, for 99$ each, and will be able to buy some 'old' games, like god of war,mass effects, gears, uncharteds, killzones, forzas,gt5, lbp, halos, etc etc, for 10$, in the bargain bin.

Thousands of hours of happiness, playing those awesome games, for a few $.

Even I, and you guys, who have consoles, we had to skip maybe 90% of all the released games, because of time and money. For example, I didn't buy the last mortal kombat, street fighter 4, marvel vs capcom, vanquish, some need for speed games, vanquish, infamous 1, GTA 4 (I have it but only played 2 hours, cos I was playing on a projector,it was too big and my eyes were suffering), NFS shift 2, dirt 2,3, and many many many others. I know I will pick them, one day, if I see them in a bin,for cheap.

And you guys, what are you top 5 games you will absolutely pick, when you are able to buy them, or have enough time, even if it happens in 1 or 2 years? It would be cool to know, maybe there are many titles that we forgot they exist, and seeing them listed would revive our minds.

Anyway, thanks.