2008's Essential Nintendo Wii and DS Games

CVG writes, "The DS will continue to do well - there's no doubt about that, but this is a crucial year for Wii."

"Will Nintendo's currently phenomenally popular Wii continue to dominate the market, or will its bubble burst as some predict, making way for PS3 to storm in?"

"We can't tell you the answer to that, but we can tell you what games we're looking forward to most on Nintendo's two platforms."

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MK_Red5750d ago

Aside from No More Heroes and to a lesser extent Samba De Amigo, none of those games feel essential (Zack & Wiki is but it's a 2007 game).

I'm no fan of SSBB so there are only to 2008 Wii games for me... At least 2007 had 4 but hey, I also have a most UNTImost-anticipated game: Wii Fit.

TruthbeTold5750d ago

Just like Virtua fighter, people tend to either love Smash Bros or have nothing to do with it. That being said, millions of gamers who are fans of all major consoles are chomping at the bit for this game.

Regarding Zack and Wiki... I really hope that it takes off well in Europe. Then maybe people here in the U.S. will give it a second look, and we'll really end up with a sequel. Any Wii owner who is a fan of the motion control system should own that game.

LanRanger5750d ago

"At least 2007 had 4"

Right, because the only interesting games coming out in 2008 are on that list. There aren't any unannounced games, surprise hits, or games that just got left off that list.

Don't you think you ought to wait to compare the 2008 release schedule to 2007's until we're actually in 2008?

MK_Red5750d ago

Good point TruthbeTold on VF and SSBB. It's indeed like that. Also, agreed on Z&W, hope it sells well enough in Europe.

LanRanger, if we think about "unannounced games, surprise hits, or games that just got left off that list", then PC, PS3 and 360 will also have their own. Right now based on all that is annonunced, Wii has nothing compared to PS3/360. And on PS3 front, there will be ton of surprises for E3 and others. Let's not forget about TBA games like Getaway 3, 8 Days, Afrika, Team Ico project and others.
On 360 front, there are Perfect Dark 2, Gears of War 2, Halo spin-offs, Killer Instinct 3 and more.

The essentials list for Wii is based on known games and so are PS3 and 360's lists. If I excluded unannounced games and such from Wii list, is because I did the same for PS3 and 360 lists and they still ended up ages beyond Wii's.

LanRanger5750d ago (Edited 5750d ago )

MK_Red: "there are only to 2008 Wii games for me... At least 2007 had 4" ... "If I excluded unannounced games and such from Wii list, is because I did the same for PS3 and 360 lists"

You didn't even mention the PS3 and 360 in your original post. You were comparing the entire 2007 Wii catalog against a list of ten 2008 releases. Drawing any conclusions based on that comparison is foolish.

Devr5750d ago

Wait a sec, didn't you say you hate the Wii because hardcore games like Z&W and NMH don't sell? Then, aren't you a part of the problem if you're not going to buy SSBB, the most hardcore Wii game of 2008?

MK_Red5750d ago

Why is comparison wrong? Comparing known Wii games of 2008 with PS3 and 360 known games of 2008.

Devr, I'm pretty sure more than a few people will buy SSBB. Plus it's a sequel and I didn't like the previous games much. Z&W and NMH were original IPs.
And I didn't say I'm not getting SSBB. There are games that I buy but aren't on my must have list. In 2007, there were games like The Simpsons Game and Halo 3 that I wasn't anticipating much buteventually bought them.

LanRanger5750d ago

MK_Red: "Why is comparison wrong? Comparing known Wii games of 2008 with PS3 and 360 known games of 2008. "

Are you even reading my posts? There's nothing wrong with comparing upcoming Wii releases with those on PS3 and 360, but that has nothing to do with what you said or what I'm criticizing you for (so why do you keep bringing it up?).

It's your comparison to the 2007 Wii catalog, and the implication that the 2008 releases aren't as good that is troubling.

MK_Red5750d ago

Wii's own 2007 vs known 2008 might seem harsh but in terms of highly anticipated titles, back in 2007 we knew about games like Metroid Prime 3, SMG and of course, SSBB. Now we only know about one big game (SSBB and it was supposed to be a 2007 game).
But yeah, talking about whole Wii catalog vs 2008 in general was a bit indeed unfair.

gaffyh5750d ago

Oh god 10 games and some aren't even that good?!?!? That's all we have to look forward to for 2008?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? The only good DS game on that list is Advance Wars, Revnant wings is soo annoying to play

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Rice5750d ago

Will wii win the next gen war? Who knows? And i find the statement "games sale consoles" kinda false, look at the wii, has no games but look at its sales

Shadow Flare5750d ago

The picture for this article basically sums up Nintendo for the past 20 years. When it comes to software, i dont think they know the meaning of the word 'fresh'

LanRanger5750d ago

The NES, Super NES, Gameboy, Nintendo DS, etc. were all just a fad, right? None of them contributed anything to gaming? Don't be so ignorant.

YoungKingDoran5750d ago

ok... its taken 6 years for us to get 3 halo games, and a halo rts is coming out. i'm just using halo as a franchise as just an example, and hey i could say the same about metroid, but i think you should give your team (microsoft or sony) aliiiittle bit more time to milk THEIR franchises more before you complain about nintendo

wiizy5750d ago

playstation 3 is garbage.. xbox 360 is good but just not good enough..;.... 08 is going to be a huge year for nintendo especially with the games.... im looking forward to more crying from fanboys all year long

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ZwVw17d ago

Hold on. This game is rated "T" for Teen?!

isarai17d ago

I mean you never shoot "people" in these games so kinda makes sense

ZwVw17d ago

Yet, the previous entries still carried "M" ratings.

isarai17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Well according to the ESRB and the official game page it hasn't even been rated yet. I'm not even sure where you're seeing a rating honestly