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"Frobisher Says! should be looked at completely on it’s own merits, however it’s nearly impossible to play it without first thinking about the Wario Ware Inc games. Now the elephant in the room has definitely been revealed, we can move on and take a look at what makes Froibisher Says! a completely individual game in its own way."

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ShadyDevil2541d ago

The image, will haunt my dreams FOREVER. Please do not tell me he is a regular occurrence.

PirateThom2541d ago

He appears on every single screen of the game....

NewMonday2541d ago

tried a demo out at a Vita display stand, a funny casual game, will get it if the price is right. will be good to hand out the Vita to others to try.

..Ps: another fun casual thing i do with the Vita is mess around with the audio recorder in Fun Park to make messy symphonies with my family

tack1292541d ago

One of the games on there is called look away. Some of those images are nightmare inducing.

FriedGoat2541d ago

but your not meant to look!! CHEAT!!!

GezForce2541d ago

I got this free with my preorder... hilarious game.