Best Buy stores refuse to display Wiis to avoid mob scene

On the weekend before Christmas Day, many retailers across the country, including Best Buy, Circuit City, and Toy "R" Us, were lucky enough to receive a shipment of Nintendo Wiis to the delight of last-minute shoppers. Depending on the store, some retailers reportedly received 40 to 60 Wiis on Christmas Eve. Others received a shipment over the weekend, but in both cases, the console sold quickly and almost as soon as it became available.

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Jandre024039d ago

Its alot of fun, but I dont see what all the fuss is about. I honestly wouldn't even call it a gaming console. Its more of a family fun type of thing.

It more directly competes with board games or things like that. I couldn't imagine playing any games alone, except for maybe Zelda. Thats only because i've been playing Zelda since I was younger though, but the Wii just isn't as exciting to me.

I can't even play in a room that has sunlight or the controller goes crazy. And if any obstacles are in the way it stops working. I was expecting a lot more because of all the hype the console is getting. Its fun, no doubt, but if this is the successor to the PS2 then gaming is in deep crap.

Jack Bauer4039d ago

you described exactly why it is selling so well, it is for non videogamers, a party machine like a 21st century board game, the whole family can enjoy... which is why the gamers community isnt quite as crazy about it, and the game sales prove that....when people buy a wii they get wii sports, wii play, guitar hero, and maybe mario galaxy...the only games that sell well.

KidMakeshift4038d ago

You're not a Stepford wife so you can't comprehend the greatness that is the Wii

craymoogy4038d ago

I played it. It was not that fun. What's up with the fuss?

pwnsause4039d ago

bubbles for you jandre02

marcdz14038d ago

I hate your freaky, pervert, weirdo crappy Avatar please change it. I am also getting a Wii for Mario Galaxy and thats about it.

KidMakeshift4038d ago

Oh, you hurt his feelings. He made himself all purty for you too

Nameless4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

I thought it was obvious that Nintendo went with the non gamer / family crowd with the Wii ? They tried going hard core with the Gamecube & that failed & this generation Nintendo tried going with a different crowd & it is a success & now the "Hard Core Gamers" are crying foul.

shrimpboat4038d ago

I bought one at Target on Christmas Eve and security had to escort each one to the counter one at a time. They Blocked off the isles when they brought them out. They only brought out 9 at a time and there were at least 30 people waiting.


my friends and i got wiis at the night of launch and we had to be escorted to our vehicle by a couple security guards. which is good, because there were these two guys who were stalking the people who got wiis.

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The story is too old to be commented.