Five Signs You Have A Severe Gamerscore Addiction

This article describes five behaviors that go above and beyond normal achievement hunting, suggesting a severe Gamerscore addiction.

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M_Prime3395d ago

im nowhere near that bad. did not play kids games (apart from Kung Fu panda that came with my xbox and was NOT EASY FOR ACHIEVEMENTS) and i don't use a robot or play hannah montana.

those 5 signs are BAD.. but i do like my gamerscore

Dr Face Doctor3395d ago

There are people that still care about gamerscore?

Entropic3395d ago

I would definitely say if you find yourself following in the path of any one of these warning signs, you may have a problem, haha.

Gamerscore is a great idea and concept, but I'd love to see it yield more tangible rewards for those who are truly dedicated to it.

MasterD9193395d ago

It would be nice to gain something in-game from the achievements that constantly pop up.

I still believe that a higher gamerscore tends to tell a bit more about the player than people think. You have to play A LOT of games to get what is considered to be a respectable score...The only way you do that is by playing games outside of the popularity charts as well.

And without a doubt it may be bit tacky to get an achievement for random things in-game but it is also somehow genuinely satisfying.