Xbox pushes the levels on the playing field

Todayonline: While what we’ve seen are held under the tightest security (until 10pm, Singapore time, on Monday March 5), we can tell you it has given us goosebumps.

There will be some familar faces returning but it is the development of Kinect that has impressed us on how immersive game play will be going forward.

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aviator1892542d ago

Hmm, I wonder what they were shown..
Too bad we have to wait until monday night. :/

Cocozero2542d ago

I got a feeling MS will be bringing the big guns on monday can't wait.

Mikhail2542d ago

A "Durango" leak is what I'm hoping for. But I doubt that would happen now.

360GamerFG2542d ago

Dang it!! I'm really trying hard not to get hyped because of previous disappointing Microsoft shows but the anticipation is now killing me!! That guy said goosebumps dang it!! GOOSEBUMPS!! How am I not supposed to be hyped now??

gotgame19852542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

you right it is hard not to get hyped when they talk like that, but Microsoft really hasn't release any since 2010 really other then buying twisted pixel,and opening up a boat load of new studios. but when it comes to games they have been lacking, So i hope they announce some new games for the gore gamer. kinect games will be cool if they are truly going to be as immersive as they claim. but I like kinect any ways so I will be happy to see what they have in store next. and last some more quality XBLA games would be nice to add to Alan wake, Blood Forge, and Dead light. If that happens Microsoft will have you covered no matter what kind of gamer you are, core with controller bese games, budget with XBLA, or causual with kinect. but the way they are talking kinect will soon cross over to the core gamer as well.

O yea he also said some familiar faces are returning I hope they are rebooting some of there old Ips like like Conker, Perfecr Dark, Killer Instinct, Kaneo, and Banjo.

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