Does Heavy Rain Have Any Replay Value?

Apparently the answer is obvious but some insist on saying otherwise. Heavy Rain has got to reward your hard earned cash with some replay value, right?

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Colwyn2546d ago

Sony should port heavy rain to the ps vita. I would buy it again day one

Blaze9292546d ago

why? The only replay value i see in Heavy Rain is if you didn't achieve a perfect playthrough the first time OR just want to see all the possible other endings etc.

But me personally, after seeing the 'right' endings, dunno why I would want to see the 'wrong' endings. It wouldn't really change anything.

BUT i will say this, i enjoy watching OTHER people play it and can watch it over and over COUNTLESS times. I just started making my girlfriend play it and it's interesting to watch because it differs for every player.

LOGICWINS2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

I played the demo....didn't see where the replay value was to be honest. And like you said, I'm not going to purposely make the "wrong" choices after I know I made the right ones.

LOGICWINS2546d ago

LOL, you MADE your girlfriend play?

"You play play NAOW!"

TheGoldSaucer2546d ago

I'm the same, I'd love to see my girlfriend play this and just watch her reactions and how she goes about different things. Would be very very interesting.

Amazingmrbrock2546d ago

The creative director for it said it's only supposed to be played through once.

GribbleGrunger2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

you clearly never played the game, Blaze. you don't get a right or wrong ending, just a different ending. you also have different outcomes throughout the game and not just at the ending. there are branching story lines everywhere with multiple outcomes and consequences. even if 3 of the 4 characters die, you still continue playing... to reduce Heavy Rains replayability to 'different endings' is to totally miss the point of the game.

and it's not about deliberately messing up either. it's about making different moral choices. i think this game is probably a little too mature for some of the posters here

NeoTribe2546d ago

I agree with being able to watch it over again. Same thing with uncharted series. I can watch people play those over and over again.

kreate2546d ago

There are some choices where its a right or wrong. But than there are other choices that isnt right or wrong. Its just a different decision u make.

If u played the game and not the demo cuz the demo sucks, there are numerous choices certain ppl force u to make. Not choosing is also a choice.

The game has different stories depending on how u play, not just different endings.

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StraightPath2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Nope..that why this game was a great rental. Story telling and characters were superb, not all of them though Ethan Mars was the best character..however second playthrough getting all the endings and trophies were mind numblingly boring. For people who dont care about trophies this game has 0% replay value. I mean even if they did not get the ending they want ( i got best ending first playthrough ) they can easily just youtube the ending rather then going through all that again.

iChii2546d ago

How could you not enjoy playing the game again and making other choices?

LOGICWINS2546d ago

I wouldn't call messing up on purpose just to see new outcomes "enjoyable"...then again, I'm on N4G downplaying a PS3 exclusive. It's not like I'm gunna win any arguments here.

MysticStrummer2546d ago

Sure Logic. You couldn't just be wrong, could you? Any game with multiple endings has replay value. Case closed.

BlmThug2546d ago

Not sure how many different ways you can make a cup of coffee and brush your teeth in HR

kreate2546d ago


u dont start the game over from the beginning after u finished the game. So ur not going brush ur teeth or take a shower everytime.

Clearly u guys including logicwins never played the whole game. yet, u guys make ur own conclusion.

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CadDad2546d ago

What is the best ending? Isn't that a completely subjective thing in this game?

I wouldn't bet on anyone to make all the 'right' choices on the first playthrough without using a guide.

Too many ways to bugger it up.


kneon2546d ago

I think most people consider the ending where you've done everything "right" and all the good guys survive the be the best ending.

I've played it through a half dozen times to see the effects of different decisions, but even if I'd only played it once it was such a phenomenal experience that it was well worth the full price of admission.

CadDad2546d ago

Yeah I understood what was implied by 'best', but for me, the 'best' ending wasn't my favorite ending.

I think my favorite part of Heavy Rain was the long conversations I had with friends after we'd all experienced it, talking about the differences along the way in the choices we made.

Well worth the price of admission.


Rayko2546d ago

replay value is to look at that chick nude again :D. Heavy Rain was one of PS3s best games.

CarlitoBrigante2546d ago

How many endings does Heavy Rain have? Its one of the last games you have to ask this stupid question.

yesmynameissumo2546d ago

Definite replay value. Asura's Wrath...not so much.

KrimsonKody2546d ago

But it comes down to the experience of the gamer.
If the game appeared long & tedious during your 1st playthrough, them you may use YouTube to catch up on all the endings.
But if the game was a great experience, you could want to play it again, just to walk through that experience again & see the alternate paths.

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