NetEase Games acquires Quantic Dream

NetEase Games has acquired French studio and Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls, and Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream, the company announced.

Orchard634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

I always thought Sony would acquire Quantic. They’ve made so many Sony exclusives.

But this is the worst, too many Chinese corps buying international studios.

The games industry big 3 of the future won’t be Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo - it’ll be Microsoft, Tencent and another US corp - perhaps Amazon if they enter the industry seriously and start buying things like EA.

solideagle634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

Can someone please tell me why is it bad if Chinese company buy a studio than let's say any other country? they will still make games right?
Edit: I really don't know the context/hate behind every article to be quite honest with you, so genuinely asking someone to explain.

1Victor634d ago

I don’t know about full games but I can give you a example of a mobile game transformers earth wars have 2 versions one is western done by space apes and the other done by a Chinese developer, the Chinese version is way better than the western version by a long mile giving free stuff and ideas to the point that the western is now copying the Eastern developer to keep the game “fresh”.
Eastern developers give compensation for down time
Western developers don’t compensate for down time
This is just one example of that game by no means I’m saying one is better than the other outside that mobile game in particular.
As always there’s going to be good and bad developers on both sides

ZwVw634d ago

Outside of the fact that companies such as NetEase and Tencent are funded by the CCP, a major issue is the notion that Chinese multinational corps can seeming buy up stock or even force a hostile takeover of a foreign entity (if they're publicly traded) because they have the funds to do so. Yet, an outside entity wouldn't be able to do the same to them because their government (CCP) won't allow it.
It's not an even playing field. You're not going to see MS, Sony or Nintendo buying up any Chinese companies anytime soon.

MadLad634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

I was going to try to explain the issues had, but Zw did so more solidly than I probably could.

People make a big deal about Microsoft making large acquisitions, but they have to jump through hoops to make them happen.
People should be really scared of these giant Chinese companies. They have a lot of money and a lot of power.

It's why you see so many companies bend the knee to that market. Not just in games, but also I film.

It's why I'm so happy an acquisition happens and Tencent isn't attached to it.

solideagle634d ago

thank you guys for explaining it. I am not sure why am I getting so many disagrees over a question lol

ChasterMies633d ago

Do you want every game to be flooded with micro transactions? Do you want the Chinese government in charge of your games? I don’t.

brewin633d ago

The CCP is known to heavily sensor anything they dont agree with. We dont want that kind of censorship to become prevalent in the games industry!

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Cosmoplayer84634d ago

The third could be embrasser group

Orchard633d ago

I could see that happening, but I could also see them being an acquisition target for someone like an Amazon. Imagine how many IPs you'd get for one purchase.

ChasterMies633d ago

By revenue and profit, the biggest gaming company is Apple. The future is now.

MadLad634d ago

Hopefully they can now afford good writers lol

Sonyslave3634d ago

Super Massive games is next 😞

MadLad634d ago

Super Massive was actually already recently acquired. Luckily not by the the likes of Tencent.

porkChop634d ago

They're owned by Nordisk Film. Same company that owns Avalanche (Just Cause).

porkChop634d ago

I'm not surprised. They've been going through some serious legal and pr trouble. It was just a matter of time before someone made them an offer.

Palitera633d ago

Capitalism final stage, here we go!

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Mad Max is a good game... George Miller should STFU.

-Foxtrot13h ago

I think the funny thing is if Kojima made a Mad Max game it would be so trippy and "out there" I don't think it would feel like Mad Max by the time he's done with it. This is why he's better off with original new IPs.

Kojima seems like a buzz word these film directors use because he's probably the only big name they've heard from the gaming industry.

Wretchedstain8h ago

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And I agree, unless Mr Kojima wants to change his tune, or laughably, be told what to do, you're right, it wouldn't be Mad Max or close.

porkChop7h ago

Yup, Kojima really doesn't suit Mad Max. Avalanche did a great job though. It looked, felt, and played like what I'd expect from a Mad Max game. I really enjoyed my time with it, and the sand storms were handled incredibly well.