Japanese gamers getting Xbox 360 Devil May Cry 4 bundle

PlayStation 3 isn't the only system getting some bundle love from Capcom. Microsoft Japan announced today the Xbox 360 Devil May Cry 4 Premium Pack, a hardware bundle that combines the 360 with the latest installment of Capcom's dramatic action hack-n-slasher.

The Japan-only bundle includes a Xbox 360 Standard Model, which is the Japanese version of America's Premium Pack, complete with a 20 gigabyte hard disk, wireless controller, media remote, HD AV cables and LAN cable. All hardware units in the bundle will have HDMI ports, so you'll get to experience the included retail copy of DMC4 in digital bliss.

All this in a special DMC4-themed box, for just 37,800 yen ($ 331, € 230)! In addition to being a 4,000 ($ 35, € 24) yen discount over buying the system and game separately, this price is exactly 10,000 yen ($ 88, € 61) less than the recently announced PS3 bundle, providing some incentive for DMC fans to jump in.

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Zhuk5907d ago

This is great news for Xbox 360 consumers in Japan, who want to play the most complete version of DMC4 on the market

TANOD5907d ago

X360 doesnt sell in JAPAN and no one would get this game bundle.

secondly DMC 4 is washed out on X360. even GT says that too. Not to even mention GR posted videos of the 2 versions as well

The Brave 15906d ago

What Xbox360 consumers in japan?lol

Milkman5415906d ago

Zhuk, I hope you die a slow death! Merry X-Mas!

MADGameR5906d ago

Its obvious DMC4 won't sell anymore than 10k in Japan for the 360 EVEN though the price of the 360 is less than PS3. EVERY DMC fan wants it on their home platform. The PLAYSTATION 3!

SCThor5906d ago

You get a XBOX 360 plus Devil May Cry 4 plus RROD, what else could you ask???

Xanatos5906d ago

So your buddies post an article and you coordinate to comment first ... what a sad little group.

mintaro5906d ago

fanboyism.......the 2 games are virtually the same, except for maybe a very, very, very, few minor technical differneces

UltramanJ5906d ago

Both of the japanese 360 gamers who want the bundle, will be very happy.

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UnblessedSoul5907d ago

This is bad news for Xbox 360 consumers in Japan, who want to play the least complete version of DMC4 on the market

WilliamRLBaker5907d ago

how so? you mean by being less complete because it will come out that its got better frame rates compared to the ps3 version, or better graphics, or will score higher, and sell more in nearly every country? lol

bigshynepo5907d ago (Edited 5907d ago )

God you make this website a trial to read, i'm beginning to think that nothing short of being dropped on your head could result in someone being so bias and ignorant.

Capcom has already said that there is no difference between the games. And WE ALL KNOW that the character models on the ice creatures in the trailer look WAY better on PS3. This package set will accomplish nothing in Japan. We will not see sales in excess of 15,000 for launch week where will will see the PS3 do exceptionally well.

Japan is the land of the PS3. Oh wait, it's outselling the Xbox in Europe too... hmm.. Sounds like Xbox is going the way of HD-DVD...Microsoft better hurry up and buy some more exclusives, it seems like now that Halo has been released, no one cares about having an xbox 260 now..


JasonPC360PS3Wii5906d ago

Why because it's true? Riddle me this, based on past experiences with multiplatform games which one do you think will sell, play and score better? Please enlighten me on your true "droid" wisdom and prove to me anything that what he or I have said that isn't true. I challenge you to a truth duel.

vloeistof5907d ago

then we will see who sells more. ( like we dont know that already)

v1c1ous5907d ago

the ps3 version will trounce it.


try naming more than 3 games that have sold more on ps3 than on 360.

demolitionX5907d ago

nobody will buy the 360 version. PS3 has the better version on DMC!

TrooGamer5907d ago (Edited 5907d ago )

Well PS3 version will sell more only blinded fanboys would see otherwise look at the pre order figures.....