Angry Birds showcased with gesture control

VentureBeat's Nick Akerman writes, "Not content with being flung into space, the Angry Birds behemoth is now evolving alongside the popularity of motion control. SoftKinetic, a leading developer of gesture-based platforms for consumer electronics, has flaunted a tech demo showcasing this experience in full flight."

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THR1LLHOUSE2544d ago

In the future, quality of Angry Birds experience will be the measuring stick by which all pieces of technology are judged.

Also, by "future" I mean "present."

MySwordIsHeavenly2544d ago

Cool, I guess...

Could we get some of these games on the Vita, with back touchpad support? Seriously. Having to use the front touchpad on an iPhone or Android obstructs the screen. Why not take advantage of a back touchpad?

Nakerman2544d ago

That's an excellent point. You could easily pull the catapult back on the rear touchpad without obstructing the screen. I'd expect that to happen pretty soon, actually.

The question is: when will we see Angry Birds 3D on every format that can handle it?

Soldierone2544d ago

This would be really handy with air hockey, otherwise called Glow Hockey.

SybaRat2544d ago

Please. Give me a real-life Angry Bird I can hurl at my enemies.

Soldierone2544d ago

There's an Angry Birds board game. Boring as hell, but hey its there.

Nakerman2544d ago

Wait a minute, does that let you play *for real*?