Resident Evil 1.5. The Resident Evil That Never Was.

Eleven years after development started, The PlayStation Museum jumped at the chance to kill zombies in what is regarded as the last official build of Capcom's Resident Evil 1.5. Resident Evil 1.5, also known as Resident Evil 2 Prototype amongst many hardcore gaming enthusiasts, was shelved when development was approximately 80% complete in favor of a re-design to what ultimately became the hugely popular release of Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil 1.5 contains vastly improved graphics, character design, and smarter enemy AI over its predecessor. This time simple barriers do not stop the hordes of zombies: if there is a small opening under a door, the zombies will crawl through and stop at nothing to get at you.........

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Bnet3434040d ago

older then the dinosaurs

WilliamRLBaker4039d ago

I knew bout this long ago...even saw video of the all most 80% complete game.

KidMakeshift4039d ago

I still want to play the original Resident Evil 4 that was scrapped

ThaGeNeCySt4039d ago

I still watch that video from time to time with the Knights in that corridor that seem 2 come to life as he passes them.

gamesblow4039d ago

I'd like for them to release this on the psn along with R.E. 1, R.E. 2 and Nemesis, myself. I'd buy all of them.

MADGameR4039d ago

I would love to try out this game...

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