Sex Sells FireFall, But Not to Me

VGB: "By the time the FireFall homepage was done loading, I was done with FireFall. Sure, I took the time to scour the official blog and watch all the trailers but there was no turning back after the first page.

This is what I saw."

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Amazingmrbrock3518d ago

over a bare mid section of body. Honestly. A teensy bit overblown this issue is.

Additionally I saw nary a breast in the gameplay vids I saw.

Maybe this is becoming a larger issue because of the recent soul caliber fiasco but this is no where near as sexualised as soul caliber.

Get uppity over something that actually matters.

bobrea3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Cool, man. I'm glad you won't be playing what looks to be a great game because your head is so far up your own ass. Hope you like it up there.

Screw you and your holier than thou attitude. Get off your high horse.